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I cannot sleep tonight

Yesterday's Sarah Jane was eh. I really didn't like that story except for pretty Adam and Luke. Can't wait for next weeks, though the gig means I miss the second part of the Doctor molesting Luke fucking up Sarah Jane's obviously fake wedding.

The rest of the night was spent watching the rest of the Saw films III-V (yay! for Saw) and True Blood (which was good and amusing).

I voted in the Kerrang readers poll. Yes I voted Jay as sexiest male, even though he won't win. Bah.

I had two dreams. One had daleks in invading. I can't recall much else. The other was of Jay bound, gagged and gang fucked by BMTH. Minus Jona and plus Tom. Noim. Bonus points if someone fics it.

Today was a busy day.

We left on the 11:25 train. This was cause of the BMTH signing there was meant to be at Pulp. Amusingly on the train there were kids playing Pokemon (yay I geeked kinda!) and someone else played Bullet! Yay!

The signing was a bust. To get the wristband you HAD to pay for a preorder of the album. WTF? So we gave that a miss. Sigh.

We wandered round a bit. I got a cheap K-9 book for only 69p. HMV had the Hellboy 2 special one for £5 in one place, but sadly I didn't get mine when I had the chance. Fail. It was meant to be £50. Gah. Mikeysaur got me a Zelda Gacha ball which turned out to be a Iron knuckle/phantom which is pretty cool. Also got a box of the new minis, which I really wanted half of them. I wish the rare had been better (Kit/Nahdar/Cad/Argyus). I got some Merlin stickers and Doctor cards (which were a waste as I only had one card from both, but saur got 3).

I got a cheap DS game, Final Fantasy Reverent Wings. There's a pretty boy on the back so... easily swayed it mme. But it was only £7.98.

Also a random yay for Umbrella academy being in HMV which was awesome.

We saw Saw VI which was all kinds of awesome. Seriously the last trap is just... brilliant. Some questions were answered, some... weren't and yeah, some new ones were made to be answered on Saw VII which there HAS to be.

It was probably the best part of the day.

Only two of the trailers interested me. Paranormal Activity looks pretty good and creepy. Mikey has it downloaded I think. The other one is The Fourth Kind, cause it looks like it's good too not just cause Milla Jovovich is kinda hot.

After Macdonalds we went to the gig. Gah! The line was massive. Seriously. The gig was sold out I think so there were far too many people hence shoving and shit inside. I got the poster pack (more on that later) cause they didn't have the Chewie tee. Fail. We missed August Burns Red causa the queue and A Day To Remember were... ok. I liked their tee with Pinky and the Brain (one is a genius, the other's insane!).

The gig was pretty good. They played all the songs I like. Oli was a whore. At the back of the stage they had their intitials in lights and they kept failing a bit. Everyone kept playing in front of them, which was awesome. Matt N was in just his boxers, nom. Matt K has shorter hair. Oli was... whorish to the floor again. Lee was.... teeny and cool. Jona was annoying as always.

We didn't go to the aftershow, we thought of it, but didn't. The earliest train home was cancelled so we had to go to Walsall and get a replacement bus (which we didn't know about till late ah well).

Now, the poster pack. It is annoying. For £10 you get three double sided posters (so you end up having to buy 2 lots, which I didn't find out till the train). Jona (annoyingly) has Matt K on the back. Matt N has a group shot. Oli has Lee. I'd have preferred Jona to have someone else on the back (and Matt K to be on the back of someone else). Cause Lee, Matt N and Oli all look nommy.

So yeah, annoying. But I'll take posters of both sides tomorrow. Annoyingly, there was group shot poster outside.

Anyway, now to stick stickers in and... err.... whatever it is I do.

Tomorrow, pictures, Majora's Mask and ficcage with saur.
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