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Does anyone know who you are?

Last night was good. We didn't get anyone we knew come through, which I guess was good. We stayed behind a bit after and got stuff signed. Mikey took a pic on his phone. I took one of him but it's blurry. I suck at camera phones.

Today was spent shopping. Mikeysaur got me the Merlin sticker album (no stickers in it yet till saur gets doubles) and I got the Sarah Jane Doctor magazine special. Also got Kerrang today. Oli is nom! And mostly topless. Like there's 6-8 pictures of him and he's only got his top on in one. There's also a good poster of old school MCR (schoolboy shoot=sex). And we got a unihorn each. Yay!

There's also a boxset of the Futurama movies, which annoys me as it's cheaper then two of them, yet I have two already so it's pointless. Sigh. I'll have to look for them individually I guess.

The Sarah Jane ep wasn't bad, but was't good either. Perhaps it was better then I expected. Yay for reference to Doctor coming. Also yay for Luke being perdy and that Adam kid also being perdy. And ah, the Time War, ruining species lives since... whenever it happened.

Gonna be going earlier on Saturday, since there's gonna be a BMTH signing before the gig. Gonna try and get a wristband to sex them (well, not Jona). We'll be seeing Saw VI too. Yay! Gonna do a run tonight/tomorrow.

I wish I had Star Wars Galaxies. I wanna fight a zombie rancor!

Thatt's it I think. Might sort pics tomorrow, I dunno.

How is everyone?
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