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Come together for an eyesore

Warning, this post, like many others, contains excessive randomness. Though most is birthdayish related.

Thankies to all thee birthday wishes and shit, it made me all smiley.

The day consisted of me waking up, watching tv and then staying in bed till about... 12ish? When mum got back. Then I found she had got me a present (the Doctor Who Encyclopedia, which I'll look through soon). The rest of the next two hours was spent waiting for Mikeysaur. I started (finally) re-reading Umbrella Academy and got about 3 parts in Apocalypse Suite before Mikey arrived. (I've got finish it off.)

Lotsa stuff got exchanged. As expected, most of the gifts came from Mikey. As well as the BMTH ticket stuff included a Clanger, a little llama, various sweets and a Wall-E surprise bag thing. I'll do a full inventory thing when I take pics tomorrowish.

Also, he'd bought loadsa pocketmodels (some I've made most I haven't yet) and the doubles of his Doctor Who cards which've filled my folder nicely. And my hardcover UA which I've not yet looked at.

On a random note, I hate my one cousin. I got a card of them and two signed it but Kayleigh didn't. Bitch.

We had Dominos which was nom as always, then mum insisted I try to get to the council meeting. When we got there it had already started though, so we headed back.

The night was spent watching random stuff, mostly Futurama and whatever was on Dave until we eventually went to sleep.

Good times.

Off to Derek Acorah tonight, which should be goodish. Then tomorrow's maybe going to Cannock (or doing that on Friday) and starting the Saw run.

That's it for now really. Well, I think so.
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