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The Hillfolk

The Hillfolk
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Dan Whitesides/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Dan
Prompt: 7: Non-con
Warnings: Rape, some bondage, other stuff implied.
Notes: This was gonna be just Bob and Dan, but Jay worked his way into it.

Waiting. So much of our life was spent waiting. Waiting for some unsuspecting teens to come along and fall into one of our traps. It was unfortunate that so few people came along here. Often there wouldn't be anyone for days or weeks. Still, we made the most of the ones we'd got.

"Look." I turned my head to where Bob indicated. Bob was a little lager then me, with strawberry blonde hair hanging down to his shoulders and stubble coating his chin. His piercing blue eyes had spotted something on the horizon. It looked like a car, or possibly a van, it was too hard to tell from this distance. Whatever it was, they'd soon be stopped.

We watched as it got closer and closer, turning from a formless shape, to a bigger blob and finally the clear car it was. After a few more moments, it reached the road before us. There was a series of loud hisses as the tires were punctured and then the car slowly rolled to a stop. Bob chuckled beside me and I justy shook my head and wet my lips, waiting to see who would leave the vehicle and how many there were.

After a few moments, someone did leave the vehicle to check the tires. He was short, with dark hair that hung to his shoulders. He wore a dark t-shirt and three quarter length pants which shown off his ankles. He wasn't skinny, nor was he overly fat. In short, I thought he was hot and he was making my dick stir. "I want 'im."

Bob chuckled softly beside me. "Looks like we're in luck, he seems alone." It was true. no one had left the car to help him and I couldn't see anyone within it. Pity really, but it would make our job a hell of a lot easier. "Should we get 'im now?"

I thought for a moment, then nodded. Slowly, the pair of us headed down the hill towards him. He was unaware, merely walking around his car to check all the tires. By the time we were at the side of the road he'd given up and leaned against the car, testing his cell phone. Thankfully there was no signal out here. There was a tower not too far from here, but we made short work of that. No one had even realised we'd trashed it. Just goes to show no one cared what happened out here.

We snuck up on him and we easily took him by surprise. I covered his mouth with my large hand and wrapped my other arm around him. Up close, he seemed to have fairly strong arms, but it was easy for me to hold him. Bob helped hold him though, smirking as I spoke. "Calm down pretty one, you're ours now." He continued to struggle, up until Bob kicked him in the balls. That calmed him right down. I hauled him over my shoulder, then turned so Bob could bind his wrists and ankles with twine. This was followed by a balled up pair of underwear being stuffed in his mouth, being held in place with a similar length.

I leaned against the car's side, watching as Bob checked for bags in the car's back seat and trunk. He pulled out one bag, slipping it over his shoulder. Perhaps there was more inside that we'd pick up later and that one piqued his interest. I shruggged my thoughts off when he spoke up. "Ready."


I dropped the boy on the bed, smiling as he groaned in relief at the softness. I chuckled at the sight, wetting my lips and turning to Bob, who was already rifling through the bag. "Well?" I asked him, as he held up a passport.

"His name's Jason James according to this. He's from Britain." He tossed the passport away, clearly considering the rest of the info within useless for now. I rolled my eyes slightly. He could be such an... animal sometimes.

I returned my gaze to Jason, sitting beside him to remove the makeshift gag from his mouth. "Hello little one." He glared at me but didn't respond. I cupped his cheek, smirking down at him. "You're gonna be ours."

"Please let me go..." His voice was soft, scared. I smirked more when I noted the stud on his tongue.

"No I won't princess, you're ours now. You'll never leave this place..."

"He likes being fucked." I turned my head at Bob's words, annoyed until I saw the dildo he held. It was at least 8 inches, thick and purple. I chuckled softly, licking my lips. "Little slut havin such a big toy."

"You won't be needing that anymore little one." I reached down and groped my crotch, licking my lips. "We're both bigger then that toy." I reached over to the bedside table, picking up a large knife. Instantly, fear filled his eyes and his body stilled even more. Amusing really. I cut through his bonds that held his wrists and feet, then smiled at him. "Strip." I held the knife up so it gave him something to focus on so he wouldn't try anything stupid.

I stared at him, enthralled as he rubbed his wrists before removing his t-shirt. His skin was slightly tanned and his belly was rounded, though he wasn't overly fat. He had fairly strong looking arms, which were decorated with various tattoos that I couldn't make out. He reached down and undid his fly, slipping his pants down his legs slowly. His legs were paler then his upper half, with dark hair covering them. Once the reached his ankles, he pulled them off and cast them aside. Next to go were his sneakers, which he pulled off one at a time before setting them on the floor. I gazed over his hungrily, my eyes landing on his boxer-clad crotch. Instead of waiting for him to remove them, I reached over and did it for him. He had a nice looking cock, half hard and nestled in a mass of dark curly hair. His balls hung behind them, soft and full.

I smiled, cupping his crotch and stroking lightly. He twitched just a little under my hand, just enough so I could feel it. "You're a nice size boy. No one will be taking it though." I pushed him to the floor and he barely had time to brace himself when he landed. I licked my lips at the sight. He looked even better on all fours, displaying a lizard tattoo that covered his upper back. "When did you last take the toy?" I asked in a low voice, stroking his ass.

"Last night." I smiled and looked at Bob, setting the knife aside.

"Which end you want?" I asked him, watching as he studied Jason too, his mouth watering.

Bob thought for a moment then smirked, undoing his pants. "His pretty little mouth." I nodded and undid my own, sliding them down my legs. I kicked them aside, palming my thick, full cock.

"Sounds good to me." I held Jason's asscheeks and pulled them apart, eying up his opening.I spat on the twitching pucker once, twice, then pressed my head against it. He clawed at the floor, but Bob held him in place. The boy was no match for the older, stronger man and he soon stilled, sobbing. I thrust into him, hearing him tear open as I entered him. It was a glorious sound, blood spilling as I thrust my full length in unprepared. If he hadn't used that toy so recently I wouldn't have fit.

Once I was fully seated within him, Bob gripped his hair and pushed forward, his large dick filling the boy's throat. I held onto his cheeks hard, dicking my nails into the rounded flesh as I pounded him as hard as I could. I heard him sob, but he didn't bite around Bob or otherwise resist us. He was, rightfully, afraid of what we may do to him. If he'd bit Bob, we'd have dragged him away and used pliers to remove his teeth. If he'd hit us we'd us hammers to break his hands. As it was, none of those were necessary. Yet anyway.

His insides clenches around me tight, making me moan in pleasure. "What do you think Bob, good ain't 'e?"

"Fuck yeah." He reached into his pants and pulled out a cig, lighting it with his lighter. Some people smoked after sex, but Bob liked doing it during. It was hot and kind of amazing how he could keep fucking anyone and still keep the lit cig perched in his mouth. It really was a talent. He took a long drag, exhaling the cloud of smoke in my direction, which I inhaled. Smoke always tasted better from Bob.

I kept pounding the sexy boy below me, digging my nails into his flesh. His blood was acting as lube now, allowing me to move even better within him. He felt so hot, so tight and so wonderful. My eyes squeezed shut and I came hard inside him. Bob let a low growly groan out as he did the same down his throat, pumping his seed down it. I managed to open my eyes to see that, smiling as Bob's fingers were tagled in the boy's hair, holding him in place until he was done.

"Wonderful." Bob grunted, stubbing the cig out between Jason's shoulder blades. "A real keeper."

I nodded in agreement and we pulled out at the same time, wiping our dicks on our respective cheeks. "Let's leave the bitch to rest up for now." Bob nodded and the pair of us walked to the door. I spared a look back at the boy, smiling when I saw him curled up in a ball and crying like a baby. Smirking, I shut and locked the door, sealing him within.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bob bryar, bob bryar/dan whitesides/jay james, bullet for my valentine, dan whitesides, fic, jay james, my chemical romance, slash, the used
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