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As different as night and... later that night

This is the first of (probably) three posts today.

Yesterday was another fairly faily day. Why am I seemingly unable to do what I set myself to do? Sigh.

I found my DS power lead though at last! Yay! I went on Pokemon and I finally caught Darkrai (though he pissed me off so much I had to use the master ball). I also caught Shaymin which is so adorable and cutes!

I watched the last of Harper's Island last night. Awww why'd the pretty psycho have to die? it's not fair is what it is.

I watched the start of Welcome To Oblivion (not all cause it got too jerky). Awww Mateo with glasses!

Tomorrow would be shitty if it wasn't for Mikey coming. Yay saur! From tomorrow till the 1st I wonn't be on much at all. I'll check e-mail and make posts but that's about it really.

Tomorrow's also a yay causa domino's! Yay birthday pizza!

Tonight equates to:
The Simpsons
Star Trek Voyager
Flash Forward
Ugly Betty
Re-reading Umbrella Academy
Finishing fic
Sort Saur's stuff out

Yeah, the last three aren't in order.

I feel like I've left something out for this post, but if it comes to me it'll be in a later one (not the fic post, the other one). Off now.

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