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Stop looking start seeing

Today's kinda been faily. Most of what I meant to do today (like reading Umbrella Academy, Majora's Mask, watching newest Clone Wars) will be done tomorrow.

Pretty much everything in the other room is moved to a better place, cept a thing of mum's books. That probably won't be moved till Wednesday when the bookshelf is here. The last of the other things will be moved tomorrow. It still annoys me though that 70% of my Star Wars stuff (or more) is still awol as are the posters, which I thought had ended up in there. Where they are now, I've no idea. Bah.

Damn another ad for that Star Wars game. It looks cool!

I managed to fic yesterday as planned. Yay! So that's posted. I started another which'll probably be done tomorrow. I just need to think a little on it.

Twilight: fuck off and do it now! Bah.

In a few days saur will be here, hence me not being on for a bit. I'll still check e-mails and shit but I won't be on msn/aim at all. Of course, I'll read birthday posts, cause they'll all be appreciated and awesome.

End randomish post.
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