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Pairing: Jacoby Shaddix/Nathan Leone, Matthew Leone/Sid Glover
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sid
Warnings: None really. though stuff is implied
Notes: This came outta a need to do some Jacoby/twins porn from the recent tour, but then I saw Sid and had to add him too. Cause he's guhsome.

I stepped into the dressing room, bored outta my mind. There was nothing to do really, except explore this place. All these venues were so... interesting. I let out a soft gasp at the sight that greeted me in this room, which I'd expected to be empty.

Jacoby was sitting on a worn, black couch. That was normal enough, but he was naked from the waist down and his legs were spread wide. Between his legs, either side of his cock, were two heads. It was obvious from the hair alone that it was the Leone twins that were ravishing his cock with their mouths. I stared, transfixed at the sight before me. It was like a car crash scenario: I wanted to look away, but I couldn't. Unlike a car crash, however, this was turning me on. Shit. I should go. I should really go...

"Are you just going to stand there?" I gasped at the sound of Jacoby's voice, not having realised he'd even noticed me. His head was pressed against the back of the sofa and his eyes were lidded. "Either take a seat or leave. If you do the latter, close the door. Jerry didn't bother when he walked in on us and I had to send pretty little Matthew here to do it."

I swallowed and weighed the options my head. "But I..."

"Shut up and sit." My legs obeyed him, since my mind wasn't supplying any better options. I sat on the same sofa, as far from them as I could get. There wasn't much space though, so even that meant that my knee was touching Jacoby's. "Good boy." He reached over and groped for my crotch blindly, giving my bulge a squeeze before tugging the zipper down. A small part of me wanted to make him stop, but I didn't, even as he palmed my stiff cock. "See, you like it really. You'll like it more soon." I saw him smile and lick his lips, despite not looking at me. "Matthew."

The elder twin seperated from Jacoby's erection and shuffled over to me. He set a hand on each of my knees, smiling up at me with spit-slick lips as he parted my legs. Then his hands set about pulling my jeans down to my knees. Jacoby gasped and I looked over, noting how that Nathan had now swallowed Jacoby down to the base. I bit my lower lip as I felt Matthew lick me from my head to my balls, my hand felt in his blonde locks, letting him do what he liked.

He licked my balls, his pretty eyes looking up at me as he did so. "Please..." Smirking, he shifted back and swallowed my dick in one go. I groaned softly, gripping his hair tighter. Instantly, his lips and tongue worked on me drawing loud sounds of pleasure from the back of my throat. Shit he was so good. Probably the best I'd ever had, not that I had many people to go by. I closed my eyes, groaning softly as he bobbed up and down on my dick, his hands stroking my thighs.

His speed increased slightly, his lips squeezing and his tongue twisted against my underside. His twin was doing exactly the same thing to the man beside me. It was like they were two parts of the same machine working in tandem to please us. It had to be one of those twin things. Which led to my mind going to dirty places. "Have you two ever fucked?"

They didn't stop sucking and slurping, probably knowing that Jacoby would answer for them. "Hell yeah they have! And it's fucking hot shit too." Jacoby chuckled with a smirk. "These two do some really dirty stuff. Anything you can think of they've done. Anything." My mind went to even dirtier places with those words, which was probably his intention.

I imagined them fucking each other, hard. I wasn't sure which topped in my head, but thankfully they were essentially identical so it didn't matter. The one getting fucked had his hands bound behind his back and a ball gag stretching his pretty lips wide apart. "Fuck..."

"Yeah, you can tonight." Jacoby whispered in my ear huskily, his breath hitching slightly from Nathan's blow job skills. "Fuck em both if you have the stamina." I let out a strangled groan at his words, my eyes shutting tight. "Or maybe we can get them to put on a little show, so you can see how dirty these little fucks can get." Those words set me off and I released down Matthew's throat, my body arching just a little.

Once I'd came, I released his hair and he slipped off my cock. I knew without seeing that Jacoby must have cum as well, as there was no more sucking sounds from his end. The only sounds that filled the air was heavy breathing from the four of us.

Yeah, I'd definitely be finding out what these guys could do. Hopefully for more then just one night too. Jacoby leaned over and licked along my sweaty neck, purring softly in my ear as he got his breath back. "Oh, and if you do come with us tonight, you'll be serving my dick at some point too." I let out a soft moan and nodded, hoping that I could be half as good as the twins were for him.
Tags: fic, heaven's basement, jacoby shaddix, jacoby shaddix/nathan leone, madina lake, matthew leone, matthew leone/sid glover, nathan leone, papa roach, sid glover, slash
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