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You pay, you display

Just watched the second part of Sarah Jane. Androvax is kinda hot and the Judoon are so funny. Maybe that's why I like them. Basically I was amused, Luke looked hot in a trance and... I dunno. It was awesome. Yay for Luke disabling Mr Smith with a paradox thing. Next week's looks Rani based so... annoying. Least week after is the wedding with the Doctor! Cue Doctor/Luke fic.

Today was spent in Cannock which was annoying cause the cinema looked closed (then looked open on the bus back, bah!) and Asda hadd no Star Wars figs! Why? What the fuck is this Ben10 shit? Bah.

Still, got the Doctor Who mag with the exclusive Doctor card (and the packs with it were ok too) and food. Also mum got Coraline which is sorta a present I guess. Dunno when we'll watch.

I started fic last night, but headache and tiredness meant I didn't do much to it. I'm gonna move a few things around then do that. So if I'm not on I'm finishing ficcing. Or napping.

I had a birthday card come already. I've not opened it, but I've been told there's money (in lieu of a pressie) so I'll take it in Monday and see if there's any good battle packs on offer in Argos. If not, well, more money for gigs.

My MCR mask is downstairs as it fiinally has a place. Woo!

Off to move stuff, read stuff and get the Clone Wars comic (causa Kit!).
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