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Leave the gun!

Little Sarah Jane thing, which I guess is pretty pointless.

*There's an awful lot of possessions/trances in this series. Are we more suspectable to this stuff or something?
*I've said it before and I'll say it again: Sarah Jane does not look her age. What the hell's her secret?
*Luke looks pretty. Then again, he always looks pretty
*Yay for Clyde calling him his padawan again
*Yay! Judoon! I dunno why I like them, really I don't, I just do (although yeah, this Judoon was amusing)
*Rani is still really annoying. Maria was better (least she had a hot dad)
*Why include such a powerful self destruct sequence in Mr Smith? I bet the Judoon sorts it.

Gonna eat, then maybe write laters tonight. And watch vids. I've got loads to watch. Like, I've not even watched the new The Blackout vid or BMTH's new one.
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