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I wanna stand with you on a mountain

Yesterday seemed faily, though minis are all set up (once everything's sorted, there'll be shelves put up in the little room to spread them out better).

Watched True Blood last night. I love the nan, she's awesome. And I still think Sookie is a fucking stupid assed name. I mean, come on. Has anyone heard of it before?

Matt from BMTH has such a cool tatt. I wish there was a better shot of it. Get topless damnit!

Kerrang yesterday was eh really. Cept for Oli topless on the back.

Ian and Sean are cute. Going on a date last night. Awww!

Gonna sort some more stuff out now.

Later, Sarah Jane and other awesome stuff.

Gonna try and write later too.

Tomorrow should be going into town and seeing Up and stuff. Hopefully. If thing's are still going to plan.

Saturday gonna try and read Umbrella Academy and go on Majora's Mask.
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