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Stop this!

New Sarah Jane trailer!

So much awesome. Which translates as:
*Yay! Shiny ship!
*Luke looking guh!

When those episodes with the Doctor come along, you just know I'll be screaming kiss him now. Should be even better since Mikey'll be here screaming it with me. (Cause I think they're the third lot of eps.)

1 week till my birthday, which is eh cause... old (and 23 is a cursed number duh!) but it's also yay causa Mikeysaur and PRESENTS! And Dominos.

The carpeting's been done, but the kitchen floor needs doing and, apparently, something needs doing to it beforehand which no one bothered to say. Sigh. Still, it's ok as is I think. It's good to walk around without shoes on again.

The bedroom is about 1/3 empty now (and that's all done in half a day). Two of the bags (at least) are (oddly) Christmas stuff. No idea where mum wants that. I found minis and (at least some) pocketmodels. Still awol are other figures, although I think they might be in front of the wardrobe here, which I'm not looking through till Thursday. Tomorrow (or Thursday), we're gonna try and get the corner unit up into the back room. It'll be where the minis are when they're unboxed. I found a box of cds though, which I'll be putting on the cd rack here soon.

Another thing I found was Clone Wars Risk. It must've been got as a Christmas present, but it's never been used. The pieces are all still sealed and stuff. Gonna try and get saur to play it.

Today the lego sets from the Mirror came, so now I have the full set. Yay!

Mum was playing Savage Garden last night. Gotta put them on here.

I'm sure there was something else I meant to say, but my head's empty. Like a bubble or a balloon. Ah well.
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