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The Way You Walk

The Way You Walk
Pairing: Craig Mabbit/Oli Sykes
Rating: NC-17
POV: Craig
Warnings: Crossdressing, watersports, slight BDSM
Dedications: For blck_cherry I hope this is ok.
Notes: These are the boots Oli's wearing.

"I can't do this... these things are just, too high." I chuckled softly at the boy's desperate plea. The new heel was only an inch higher then the previous ones he'd worn and they weren't as extreme as the ones I wanted to see him in. I'd probably have to break bones to get him in those ones.

"Stop whining Sykes and get over here." He sighed and let go of his grip on the furniture, starting to walk towards me shakily. He almost fell over a few times, but that just made me laugh. When he did make it to me, I just spat on his chest, the saliva sliding down his inked skin. "Do a circuit of the room," He let out a whine. "Two circuits." His lower lip trembled, but he kept silent and started his journey.

His ass looked so hot as it bounced as he moved, despite his unsteadiness and total lack of grace. He'd learn. He'd improve. All it took was time. With the last ones all it took was a few days. I was confident these would take him half as long. The surface and buckles of the black boots shone in the room's light. He was get the hang of it now, as he started the second circuit of the room. He was stumbling less now, walking in small steps at a fairly even pace.

Finally, he stopped in front of me and looked at me with hopeful eyes. "Good boy, that'll do for now." I spat on his chest again, smiling as it followed a similar path to the other. I reached up and tangled my hands in his dark hair, pushing him down onto his knees. I kept my grip on his hair and pulled him closer to me, closer to my crotch.

I kept him in place, rubbing my cock against his face. He always turned me on so much, even more so when he was on his knees like this like the slut he was. "Dirty slut." I growled softly, pressing his head to my dick. "Suck it." His pretty, pierced lips parted and suckled along the side of my shaft. I was content with that for awhile, leaving him to suck and lick along my hardened flesh. All I did was keep his head close to me, allowing him to do as he wished for the moment.

That didn't last.

I gripped onto his dark locks tight, pulling him back from his leisurely licks to force him to swallow my dick. He took my full length down his throat, his hands finding my thighs so that his fingers could caress my skin. Smiling, I rested back against the couch, his head bobbing up and down my erection. I decided that I wouldn't fuck his ass till much later in the day, when he was tired from all the walking I'd make him do.

His thumbs brushed against my sac, causing my breath to hitch in my throat. "Fuck... yeah that's it, you cheap dirty little slut." I groaned, allowing my eyes to find him again. Apart from the boots, the only other thing on him was the collar around his neck. Sure, collars were pretty... normal but this one this one wasn't. Due to the ink on his neck, it had to be clear to show it off. There were serveral metal hoops, were I'd attach a leash or whatever else I felt like.

Apart from getting him into the absurd heels I had hidden away, I wasn't sure what else to do with him. Maybe make him fat. Or wear a corset. Or cut parts from him. I guess I'd see how those heels made him look. Probably even more like a dirty whore, although he certainly looked the part right now with my dick lodged down his throat. He was moving faster now, his soft, pink tongue twisting around my dick.

"Shit... fuck you cock sucking little cunt..." I growled low in my throat, holding his hair even tighter. "Shit.." I let out a groan of pleasure, thrusting down his throat one last time before finally spilling my load down it. I felt him gulp it down, his hands gripping my thighs a little tighter until I pushed him off me.

"Don't move." I whispered, after a few deep pats, my fingers slipping from his hair. I took my softening, spit-slick dick in hand and aimed it for him. It took me a few seconds, but I let go, pissing hot and hard over him. I aimed for his face first, soaking his hair so it stuck to his skin. After a few moments, I shifted so it splashed over his skin, covering his ink. It always looked so much prettier when it was piss covered. I noted that his dick was hard, sticking out from the thick tangle of pubic hair that coated his crotch. I aimed the last of my spray there, smirking at how the piss made the hairs stick together and made his dick drip.

He remained on his knees and it wasn't ubtil after my flow subsided and I wiped my dick over his lips that I allowed him to stand. "Up. Now, let's continue your walking. I'd say thirty circuits will be enough to start with."
Tags: bring me the horizon, craig mabbit, craig mabbit/oli sykes, escape the fate, fic, oli sykes, slash
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