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I had a dream

I woke up this morning from an odd dream. Well sorta.

I was watching something on youtube, which was a clip from some tv show and Madina Lake was on it. There was this line of rope, which was moving (kinda like a conveyer belt type thing, I dunno the technical name) and attached to it was the band. Like, wrist and ankle tied as the rope moved along to... wherever it was going. And they were essentially naked. And there was an extra twin.

So yeah, that was kinda weird. Especially when I woke up and was like 'I want icons of this shit' and then realised it was all a mad hot dream.

Anyone that can work it or something similar into fic will h$ave... I dunno, something nice

I kinda failed last night at ficcing. I wrote two paragraphs and then... stopped. Still, I'm gonna do it today, after the carpeters have come.
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