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An odd combination of superfriendly and souless

I feel a lot better now. Earlier, I was still icky and horrible, but now... I feel less icky.

Yesterday was spent watching tv. I hope to catch the Buzzcocks repeat, cause I watched Scrubs instead. Monica from Friends was in it and she was pretty awesome.

I managed to put the Tokio Hotel poster up today. It's nommage.

The Lostprophets singles came today. The etching on the 7 inch is of the band's name.

JC was pointless. I was only in there for 5 minutes and my sickness made me forget to ask for the money back for the travel. D'oheth.

I fail at ficcing. I may try tonight.

I got the Doctor Who folder just. So... yay.

I saw an ad for the Clone Wars game today. Gah it looks awesome. I wants.

Yeah, this post was pretty pointess. Sigh.
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