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We're too contagious

Someone kill my body please? It fails so much.

I'm still sick. I'm better then I was yesterday morning (which was the worst of it) but I'm still... ugh. I've not eaten since yesterday purely causa a total lack of appetite. Mum made me sandwiches for lunch yesterday and I didn't finish the last one until about 9.

I also have mad temperature changes, have the occasional feeling of wanting to be sick (and never actually throwing up) and feel achy.

I keep failing at tv since I've missed so many Chuck episodes. I keep meaning to catch the repeats, but I fail.

The decorators finished yesterday and it all looks good. Now all that's left is the carpeters Monday and then we can sort this place out.

So it's now two weeks till my birthday (well it was on Tuesday). This is my cue to poke writers to fic on/before the day. Mikeysaur will be here then and mum's said we'll be having Dominos. I'm not even sure if there's gonna be any presents other then the ones of Mikey. It seems unlikely.

looloothebooboo the poster got here today! Yay! I'm gonna put it up soon. Thankie!

I watched True Blood last night, which was better then I exxpected. But who the fuck calls their kid Sookie?

Anyway, I'm gonna try and fic later. Well, try anyway. It'd be one of three things.

I still fail at vid watching. I may try that later too. Well, some.

The poll surprised me. If only because BMTH got the most votes. I chalk it down to not having MCR on there. (Then, after BMTH, it's Bob, The Blackout and Bullet/The Used/Zacky. It's interesting how everything seems fairly spread out evenly.

The kinks surprise me more. I didn't expect bestiality to get so many votes (and I'm always surprised that watersports get more votes then scat). Same with tentacles.

So er... yeah. Thanks to all that voted!

Gonna go try to icon now, then rest/fic/snuggle in bed.

I hate I've gotta go to JC interview thing tomorrow. Stupid thing.
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