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Sucess mixed with fail

Today's been a real... odd day. Part fail, part awesome.

I got to Wolverhampton before 3 and wandered around, mostly inside. I got two comics from Forbidden Planet (a Clone Wars one and Fall Out Toy Store [I think that's it's name, the Pete comic. I hope it's not fail]) and then I got another Trek dvd/magazine. With time to kill I had a view on the Star Wars figs in Argos. I got the magnaguard droid cause they fail at Kit. However, Forbidden Planet had Kit but it was too much.

HMV was fail. No calandars at all. Also, they had Zelda gatcha balls, which I wanted but couldn't get. Damn.

So then it was almost 4. And the doors opened at 6:30. I had nothing to do. Literally.

So I went to the venue, sat on a bench and read my book. After reading 2 more chapters, I stopped and watched the people. From nearby I heard a guy say 'is that guy?' so I looked. Cue this pretty emo in a sleeveless tee and tiny skirt.

So yeah.

However, what (children) is hotter then a crossdressing pretty boy? Answer: Said crossdressing boy making out with his boyfriend. Seriously. Guh. So hot. And, also awesomely, no one went eww or anything!

After that my head acted up again and I began to fear passing out inside. I even considered selling my ticket but I overcame it and joined one of the 6 queues. However, my one ended uup stuck and slow, so everyone ran to other lines. Eventually, I did too. Gah.

Once inside I was alright. I got some merch. I got a Madina badge set thing (which I've not looked at properly yet... and why have people stopped doing them?) and the Madina hoodie I really wanted. It was a bit more then I hoped it would be, but getting it from the site woulda meant shipping. And, when I put it on, it had what appears to be a unique inside pattern that neither of the other versions I've seen has. So yay!

So the show started with Heaven's Basement and I watched from the back. Now cause my Uncle knew them, I expected them to be old guys playing music I didn't like. Boy, was I wrong. They're all younger then me and they were awesome! Plus, the guitarist is... shit. He was gorgeous. From a distance he looked like Max Green kinda. Plus, he got topless. Hence me staring like a fool and trying to get pics. Also he was playing his guitar (at one point) behind his head.

After that I headed out the atrium thing, cause my head acted up. I got their EP and (cause they'd said they'd hang around) waited for a bit. While waiting I noticed a poster saying Frankie Boyle was coming there. Why not just do Birmingham?

I returned after awhile and waited for Madina. They had these awesome sets of lights which shown their name (but the lights blurred when I took pics) which was awesome. I got a bit better view, then did the stupid thing of acting like I usually do at gigs. Aka head bobbin/clapping etc. Cue worse head by the end. Also, seriously what are the Leone twins fucking on? By that I mean Matthew who refused to stay still for pics, zooming in and out of shot like fucking sonic the hedgehog. I only got clear ones when he sang. Also he seemed to like climbing speaker things and jumping. Calm down! You energiser bunny on crack.

They played good songs, but neither Pandora or Stars. Boo. Still they're doing a tour in Feb. I shall be there. And they were awesome as ever. Also Nathan called Dan Jeezey on stage when he introduced the band. Is Dan gonna be Padge like with his name now?

I headed out once they'd done, causa arsey head. As soon as I opened the door, I was greeted by pretty boy guitarist. So, guh. I had to get it signed. And a picture (I had to get someone else to take it cause I fail) so you'll see him tomorrow. I got the others to sign it too (identifying them by passes only), and even managed to catch the one that had vanished for a bit. Awesome.

Then things got more faily. My head, and stomach, hated me like woah when Papa Roach came on. So I was stuck sitting on the floor for about three songs. Then I had to put water on my face which made me feel a bit better, so I stood for the rest (breaking to put more water on). They played Scars, State Of Emergency, Getting Away With Murder and I Almost Told You That I Loved You (where Jacoby decided it was fun to climb up to the balcony). However, after State Of Emergency, my head hurt so much I had to go.

I've never left a band who I liked before, so that sucked. But I guessed I only missed 3ish songs, so I managed most of it. It was raining, so I got soaked, but it helped my head to start with. I missed the direct bus so had to go to Walsall. Which had the most squeaky window cleaner thing in existance.

Hence more fail. The next train was 45 minutes and there was nowhere dry. So I resorted to calling my uncle. Of course the first few phone boxes hated me. They wouldn't take my money, the one that did ate it and the one I got working wouldn't give me the 60p change. Bah. He came though, so I was only drenched for 20 minsish and I didn't have to walk home.

He was nice about it, he had a feeling I'd be calling and he rambled a bit, which I online caught a few of what he said.

Mum was a pain though. She messed with the laptop and turned firefox off, losing all my windows. Bah! SO after showering I have to work out all I lost. Or do it in the morning. bah.

Off to shower now. Ugh.
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