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By the end of the day, one of us is going to have one eye

I'm watching Futurama right now. Why does Leela always date total jerks? Zapp, the average dude, the shape changing one and the the bastard mayor's aide. Fry's so much better then all of those, why can't she see it? Maybe it's cause she only has one eye.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, but I beat headache and blockage and ficced! Woo!

Also, Flashforward was pretty good. Now John (I can't remember his character's name) knows when he's going to die he can stop it! Though I'm suspicious about that chick knowing. Maybe it's cause she was in Will And Grace as a bitch.

I saw an ad for Saw VI which made me yay!

Yay for the new Clone Wars! I've not seen yet but it's the one with Seth Green in which makes it awesome! Plus one of the people in it is a Clawdite which I thought from the trailer! Yay for my sucessful alien knowing skills!

At last my uncle has coolness/credibility. He knows the band Heaven's Basement, who are supporting Papa Roach/Madina Lake on the tour! Yay!

I got cards when I got drink and yay! I got an embossed one! But bah, half were doubles. So, saur, if you still want Luke... I think I'll keep getting them mostly for the rares. Or till I get Ianto. I'll be getting the useless folder Friday, cause the pile's kinda high.

Finally, I changed icons. I has one space and I'll decide what to put in it laters. I finally has a Sykecest icon though.

Sean, you only went to All Time Low to try and fuck Alex. Admit it!

Right, off to Madina Lake/Papa Roach in about 3 hours. Yay! Causa the rain, I don't have to go the long way to get mum's stupid thing from Boundary Mill. I just need to find my Madina album, which has vanished from where I put it. Bah. And I might change my tee.

Fic that'll be done soon:
*Dan Whitesides fic
*A Jacoby fic with either the twins or Mateo
*Another kinkyways one

Expect gig post later and a post about the poll tomorrow.
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