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Pairing: Jay James/Matt Nicholls
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Warnings: None really
Prompt: 44: Piercing
Notes: My first Matt N fic, yay! And I finally got outta the dumbass slump! Thanks to emmaopteryx for helping me pick the kink

I gazed over the other man, who lay on the bed with his face against the pillows. he was beautiful really, his dark hair hanging to his shoulders. Up until now, the main feature of his back was the lizard that occupied the upper portion between his shoulder blades. Now, however, there was a series of rings caught the eye. They were new, done only within the past few days. "Are you sure they're ok?"

"Of course I am." He replied, his voice it's usual softness, quiet with a sense of urgency. "Please."

I nodded and slowly began lacing the length of black ribbon between the rings in a criss-cross motion, starting with the bottom left and heading up his back. I ran the ribbon through the other highest ring, then repeated the action only going down this time. I stopped when the soft material was through the last ring. "Ready?" He nodded once, which was all I needed. Grasping an end of it in each hand, I pulled gently, watching as the ribbon between the rings went taut. The other let out a gasp, then a groan as I pulled for a few moments, stopping after several seconds. I caressed the small of his back, content that it was near as tight as it was going to get. I wrapped the ribbon around his waist, threading it through the last ring which had been there longer then the rest. I secured both ends to it, kissing the small of his back where the ribbon split in an upside down v.

"You look so hot Jay." I whispered softly, my hands stroking along his sides. I caressed his soft skin with my fingers, watching every little movement he made. I settled my hands on his arse cheeks after awhile, gently pulling them apart. After gazing at his slightly hairy crack for a few moments, I leaned down and sank my tongue inside him, his pucker offering up little resistance for me. Slowly, I twirled and twisted my tongue inside him, inhaling his sweet scent as I tasted him. Although I was always a top, one of the things I loved most was eating out a guys ass. I preferred it most when it was all sweaty, I hated the taste of a perfectly clean ass. The taste of soap just wasn't fucking sexy. I circled my tongue around his insides, smiling at the sounds he made.

I remembered when we first met. It was at the Kerrang awards and we ended up messing about with fire extinguishers and pouncing on each other. After being marched out the room by security we all ended up at a hotel room and... the night progressed into a drunken orgy between the ten of us. By the end of it we were the only ones still awake, the rest of our bandmates, and Oli's brother, were a tangle of limbs on the hotel room's beds. We talked about things that no one even thinks about sober, which was a bit tricky due to our accents and his lapsing into Welsh every few sentances. After awhile we got bored of talking and he rode me.

Until he passed out that is.

I couldn't help but smile room at the memory, removing my tongue and replacing it with two of my fingers. While I caught my breath back I planted soft kisses across his hairy skin. I admired how his insides felt around my fingers. I curved them deep with him, moving them like I'd moved my tongue just moments before. He made these hot little noises, something beween a moan, whimper and gasp. "So hot, I'm gonna fuck you so good." I chucked as he made a louder groan, his body arching. "Shit yeah..."

I tore my fingers away from me, sucking the taste of him from them as I moved. I aimed my fat cock for his twitching pucker, which had now been spread open by my fingers. I didn't ask if he was ready and instead just buried myself within him in a fluid thrust. He cried out loud, clutching onto the sheets tightly. Like him, I released my own sound of pleasure although mine was perhaps louder then his, at least to my own ears. "Fuck you feel so fucking good. Just as always babe." I moved my hands, gripping onto his hip with my right while my left played with the ribbon. "So sexy." I spat on the tattoo on his back, then bent at the waist and lapped it up with my tongue, tracing the pattern with it.

I kissed along his upper back, stopping at his armpit. "Touch yourself for me." I whispered, before going to town on the hairy skin. Armpits were almost as hot as arses to me, at least taste-wise. I collected his sweat, smirking as his I felt his arm move. I knew he would be touching himself, wanking furiously as I pounded him. My balls slapped against his cheeks, the sound joining our moans.

When I shifted back, I took the time to glance down, admiring how each tug on his dick caused the ribbon to move. He mumbled something in Welsh, which I recognised as a swear word but couldn't recall exactly which one it was. Probably fuck. Or shit. I kept up the pace, changing my angle only slightly so I was sure I was slamming the blunt head of my dick against his hidden spot. It was fairly easy to find and the second I caught it it made mumble something even more incoherent. Once I heard the sound, I straightened up and gripped both his hips, using them for leverage as I pummelled him into the bed.

He came first, the sticky fluid shooting over his belly and the sheets, though I only knew he'd came by how he suddenly got tighter, his inner muscles working hard to milk me. I followed within moments, squirting deep inside of him, groaning his name as I did so.

After I pulled out of his wonderous heat, kissing along his neck as I did so, I reached around and undid the ribbon. It took longer to undo then it perhaps should have, due to how my hands were a little unsteady from my orgasm, but I managed it. I dropped the ribbon on the bedside table, then lay beside him, kissing along his neck gently.

"Mmm thank you." He whispered, his eyes lidded. He kissed me, but it was one of those tired kisses that was a bit half arsed, but in a good way.

"Welcome." I whispered, stroking his hair as he fell asleep, his ass still pointed to the ceiling. I made a mental note to push his head off my chest once I'd caught my breath back, so I could get down there and eat my fresh cum out of him.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bring me the horizon, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/matt nicholls, matt nicholls, slash
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