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Caution! Well

Happier post now.

My uncle talked to the twat and now everything's sorted. He's wiped off the fence and shit. he still makes me angry inside.

Yesterday was nan's birthday party, which was nice. There was balloons and cake (Dan ate two pieces aka more then anyone). We watched The Emperors New Groove, which ahs llamas in. Yay! On the way home we saw the cute iickle horses clsoe to the fence and I took pics and petted them.

I now has 4head and pills for my head thanks to mum then. Also got some Doctor Who cards. Though Co-Op was fail. The code hadn't been put in the machine so they wouldn't come up and had to wait for someone to put in a code. I got a few good ones. Can't rememeber what. Cept for Ross.

Merlin was good last night though he was such a fucking div. Honestly.

I fail at coming up with ideas for fic. I might try tonight.

Today we went to the garden center. It was for Christmas stuff (wtf Christmas is months away) but we only got one Cgristmas thing. I got something for Saur. Mum got a plant for me (which I'll put somewhere later at some point) and a cactus candle. There was cute fish in the tanks and ickle losters and a crab. Also, there were ickle baby Zero's! They were so cute and adorkable.

We had dinner there then came back. Mum got me two packs of cards from the Co-op (again, the machine wouldn't work) in one I got another shiny Doctor and in the other I got sexy ickle Luke. Nom!

Saw a cute squirrel on the way back being cute.

That's it really. Gonna try and fic later. Also gonna try watch Monsters Inc and later Trinity/Harper's Island/something else.

Tomorrow, decorators and dumb JC.
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