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He makes me very angry

The man next door is a fucking tosser. Seriously.

He seems to think that our cat goes over there and does some sort of damaage to his garden. Yet Solo is too fucking lazy to do anything like that. I've watched him outside, about 80% of the time he's just lying around sunning himself. I think whatever's doing their damage is there dog.

So anyway, he thinks in his fucked up little excuse for a mind that that gives him the right to put grease on the fence and something that looks like a sludge think (I dunno what it is but it's black and sticky).

We were told to call the police and they talked to him but basically did fuck all.

Things have been quiet until this morning when he decided to have a go at mum. Now mum's stressed and, yes, annoying at times but fuck she doesn't need some tosser threatening her. So I'm not a confrontational kinda person, especially with strangers. I am shy, quiet and mostly harmless. But he fucking pissed me off to the extent that I went outside and, when he started having a go at me too, I fucking yelled right back.

Fucking cunt.

Now mum's brother is he ad talking to him I think. But I can't really hear them.

A happier post of sorts later on, when I'm calmer.
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