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It's between us and the sea

I finished the search for the fiver. It seems it was lost outside. Bah. When Mikey's here I'll look under the bed just to be sure.

I had a really bad headache this morning, so I stayed in bed for ages. Fuck it hurt when I moved. Bah. I found 4head and mum found pills in the end.

Yay there's a Ianto card in the Doctor Who cards. I want it and Luke. And Jethro if there is one.

Tomorrow's nan's birthday party thing. Should be nice and only slightly depressing. Mum's getting me the money for Tuesday on the way there or back.

I may see both Toy Story and Pandorum. Or neither. I dunno yet.

Play, why haven't you sent my Bullet calandar yet? Hmm?

I meant to fic today but headache fucked that up. I shall fic tomorrow. It'll be a Bullet fic kinkyways fic but I dunno which one yet. Likely one of the six with a pairing.

Birthday is soon. So gifts in the form of fics are appreciated. Uberly.

I managed to see Flashforward. I got more into it towards the end. I want more now!

I'll watch The Blackout's 519 episode later/tommorrow and those Escape The Fate vids.

I know I had more to say, yet can't recall cause I fail. Obviously. Like Derren Brown did tonight.

Shower soon once dvd is done.
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