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Just use that Shin of yours

Another random post, since I've not done one in awhi.
*I finished fic last night. Nother fic started tomorrow. Probably a Bullet fic. Read probably as yes cause I need to do more of the kinkyways fic
*I've been having headaches again and can't find any pills/4 head
*I want these chopsticks
*Why are 3/4 of TH cooking?
*It's took me awhile to go through posts. Comment making now/soon
*I forgot to watch the 519 show or it's replay. I fail
*Ian on Radio 1 was awesome. I wanna squish him
*Welsh boys are hot
*Chocolate cake now! Nom!
*Mouse still annoyingly hates me
*Yay for Chinese dragons in The Simpsons
*Also yay for mum definitely giving me money for gig. Woo!
*Why is October always Moose month?
*Got more Doctor cards with first two doubles (and two more glittery shinies)
*I still wish I knew where all my posters were. Specially the signed one and Bullet ones
*I saw nan today, which made me sad, but Mikey's card made me smile
*I has my new glasses, they be boring
*AIM fails me, so I'm sucky at rp
*Yay fro Thursday being Demetri night
*I still wanna see The Used vid with the making out
*Also need to watch Escape the Fate vids that heartstopperm posted
*May change icons later
*Yay! I saw and snuggled Rhys!

True Blood starts nextt week so, is it any good?

Also pondering if I should see a film Tuesday and, if so, Toy Story or Pandorum. Hmm
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