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Before The Feast

Before The Feast
Pairing: Bert McCracken/Dan Whitesides/Jared Leto/Quinn Allman
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bert
Warnings: AU, rape, bondage, fisting, death, cannibalism
Notes: For wild_orchid7's request of Jared boiling in oil. (However, that turned out to be not as much involved as it coulda been but...)

I leaned back against the sofa, smirking at the sight before me. Quinn was fucking the precious little boy he'd bought. The boy was fairly slim, which was normally a bad thing but he was so pretty. He had long dark hair with bright red tips and bright blue eyes. His skin was so pale, unblemished by bruises, make-up or tattoos. His arms were pulled behind him, bound at the wrists with a deep red tie. Quinn held onto his crying form as he thrust deep, his dick lightly covered with my own cum. I'd fucked him first.

"What did I miss?" Dan asked as he half sat, half fell into the sofa, one of his large hands ruffling my hair.

"I fucked. I came. Quinn took over." I summerised simply, taking a long drag on the cig that dangled from the corner of my mouth.

"Awesome." I smiled around the cig, glad that Dan was into this shit. Our newest drummer caught me and Quinn when we were on tour... somewhere. I think it was in Europe. He caught us carving up the body of a local youth, half of the boy's flesh already in bags. I remember the thoughts that went through my head. They consisted of 'fuck' and 'great, now we'll need to eat another one of our drummers'. However, things went different then we'd expect when he just strode over and helped us.

Since then he's been a part of this too.

I turned my head a little when I heard him unzip his fly. One of the things that I loved most about him was his epic cock. His shaft slapped against his t-shirt covered stomach, the head leaving a sticky splatter on the clothing. One of his large hands wrapped around his dick, leisurely stroking it. His hands were another thing I loved about him. I kept my gaze on him, my own dick stirring again at the sight.

I was so distracted by the sight I didn't even realise Quinn had came until Dan moved over to him, nudging the dark haired guitarist away. "Everything's ready by the way." He said conversationally as he pushed his pants down, nudging them away with one of his equally large feet. I nodded dumbly, watching as he ran his hands along Jared's sides. "Don't worry pretty, it's almost over." He whispered in a soothing voice, despite smirking, but Jared couldn't see that. I took a long drag as I Dan buried himself inside the boy's hole. He squealed like a stuck pig, struggling again. However, Dan had a tight grip on the boy, enough to ensure that the best he could do was flail his limbs.

"So hot..." I glanced up at Quinn, who now occupied the space Dan had just a few minutes before. Despite having came mere momemts before, his slick dick was twitching against his belly. Dan always did this to us. It was his gift. Even on the tour bus, when he fucked Jepha, he made sure it was loud enough for us to hear and get erections. Of course, jerking off always followed, or I'd slip into Quinn's bunk and give him head. That was if Dan hadn't decided to be cruel and fuck Jepha in the space between the bunks, which he did with surprising frequency.

Between my bare legs, my cock stood erect, partly due to the sight in front of me and partly due to the thought of him and Jepha. Of course, we'd never ask him to join us. We were sure he'd hate human flesh as much as animal meat. Pity really. I took the last drag from my cig I could, then leaned over and stubbed the last of it out on the palm of Jared's hand, smirking as he wailed softly in pain.

Dan removed himself, his dick still stiff but now slick. "You guys should cum on his face." Although the words were like a request, the way he said them made it obvious it was a command. I shared a glance with Quinn, but he was already up by the time I twisted my head around. Shrugging, I stood too and joined in front of Jared, stroking my dick slowly. Dan remained where he was, but he was now finger fucking the boy. His thick fingers worked Jared open, preparing him for the only thing it could be. "Shit..." I whispered softly, hearing Quinn mumble something similar from beside me.

When Dan pushed his fist into Jared's body, I sped my hand up on my dick. The boy wailed again, tears continuing to escape his eyes and coat his cheeks, making them shine in the dim light. He looked so beautiful like this. I couldn't wait to taste him, a sentiment I was sure the others shared. I wished I was on the couch so I could get a clear view of Jared's pucker stretched out around Dan's wrist. I knew it wouldn't be a problem though, as Dan had grabbed his precious camera and was taking pictures of his hand inside the other. He had to be pressing against Jared's spot more then either of us had as his slim dick was stiff and leaking. It was clear Dan was intent on giving him one last orgasm, which he accomplished with relative ease due to his large, talented hands. The boy arched up as he came, though I couldn't see the cloudy fluid land on his skin from this angle.

Dan was satisfied, as he retreated his hand, tossing his camera on the couch as he slipped back in. "You two should cum before I do." Again, he said the words as an order, gazing at us both. "Quickly, I'm close."

Quinn was already speeding up, his fist moving rapidly along his stiff dick. My own hand did the same, precum escaping my slit again. It almost became a competition between the pair of us, to see which of us would spill over the boy's face. I considered actually making it a contest by betting something, but kept quiet, jerking forward to meet my fist. I should've made that bet, as I was the first to cum in streaks across Jared's pretty boy face.

Quinn growled low in his throat before his seed joined mine in plastering his face. I stepped away and fumbled with my discarded pants, pulling out and lighting another cig. "All done now." Dan whispered to Jared, pulling out of his asshole steadily when I looked back at them.

"Will you let me go now?" I heard the boy as, his voice small, timid. I couldn't help but laugh, the others joining me.

Wordless, Dan lifted him and carried him across the room, towards a large pot. It was over a small fire, which kept liquid withing it boiling hot. It had took hours to get it that warm and we started it before Quinn even bought the boy back. This was something I'd always wanted to do, but it was kind of impractical to do it anywhere but home. Quinn followed Dan over, attaching a rope around his wrists and removing the tie. The rope was attached to a pully system which would be used when he was done. "What, what are you going to do to me?"

"This." Dan replied, throwing him into the pot, some of the oil splashing out. Instantly he screamed and thrashed in the boiling fluid, the scent of his burning flesh filling the air. "You're gonna die and we'll eat you, simple really."

The three of us sat in chairs around the pot, watching as he cooked and screamed. He couldn't form any coherent words after a few moments, all that came out now was meaningly wails. This had been my idea, the whole pot cooking thing. I'd wanted to do it for such a long time. Soon, he would be fully cooked and we could all feast on his sweet, succulent flesh. But that wouldn't be for at least an hour yet. Until then we'd have to entertain ourselves some other way.

After all, we still had to decide who'd get his cock and balls.
Tags: 30 seconds to mars, bert mccracken, bert mccracken/jared leto, dan whitesides, dan whitesides/jared leto, fic, jared leto, jared leto/quinn allman, quinn allman, slash, the used
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