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Look and see the sky turn red

This post isn't primarily to show off the new icon. No it's not...

I did get Doctor Who cards, cause mum sent me to pay something (she did before but her cheque skills fail). I got some good ones (3 shinies yay!). The rest cards are probably Luke Rattigan Duplicate Doctor and adipose. Yay! I may get more soon. Today, however, I found out a fiver I got in change has gone awol and I've yet to find it. Which is fucking annoying me. Bah. i assume it slipped out my pocket as I slept.

My glasses are ready already. That was fast. Scarily so.

The Simpsons ep with gay marriage was on today. Yay for Marge's come back at the rev. Religion is stupid. And yay for Patty coming out, although it was obvious.

I've not been doing much, cept trying to find my money (and failing) and shifting stuff off the bed.

I'm gonna try ficcing soon, since I've failed at it today. And also gonna listen to Ian on Radio 1.
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