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Escape Arists Never Die

Yesterday kinda failed as days go. I woke at about 12/1, got bitched at by mum, failed to write (or even decide what to write) and broke my razor in the shower.

I did watch Trinity (yay for gayness! Boo for the crazy one dying) and Harper's Island (more people dying, yada yada and main chick's mum is a creepy 'woman' from Millenium).

Today I intend to write something (I need another kinkyways fic done so I'm back to doing them at least once a week but it likely won't be my first choice).

The opticians said my eyes are only a bit difference, but I'm getting new glasses anyway. Yay! Damn kids having Clone Wars ones that can't fit me.

Annoyingly, the shop near there has the new Doctor Who cards but I had no money to get them. Bah. The co-op and that here didn't have them either. I'm gonna ask mum to get two packs tomorrow.

Other things now (ok, well two things but...). I need the Funeral For A Friend album with Your Revolution Is A Joke, cause it's stuck in my head after their best of thing arrived. Anyone got it to upload? I have the disc... somewhere. My music cds are all kinda... lost. So yeah, help would be awesome.

And a new person in rp introduced me to a band called Black Veil Brides. They're goood (I'd link to myspace but I'm lazy and it's easy enough to find). The lead singer's so pretty and seems to like being a zombie. And their video ends with him covered in blood (well, probably fake sht but you know...).

Gonna mess with icons again soon too.

I'm gonna go now though, move a few things and shit. But I shall be back later with fic and take poll into consideration (by all means keep voting, even those strange people I don't recognise who are neither on my friends list or comment on fic and yeah, I expert more comments from those that have voted cause you fail a bit).
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