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My Little One

My Little One
Pairing: Ian Watkins/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ian
Warnings: Infantilism, scat, watersports
Notes: A late b-day fic for ginsygee.

I sat myself down on the chair watching and waiting. He would take his time, just because he knew how much it would frustrate me. I scratched the skin of my belly, just above one of my gun tattoos. I licked my lips, watching as the young boy crawled into the room. His clothes had been shed in the bathroom, replaced by a nappy which was pristine white, for now anyway. I'd been sure to give him plenty to drink and given him pills. The only other thing he had was a jet black dummy in his mouth, which he suckled on happily.

"Come here baby." I patted my lap, waiting for him to come closer and clamber up my legs. I felt the need to help him, scooping him up in my strong arms, setting him upon my lap. Gently, I removed his dummy, watching as his lip quivered and his eyes looked like they'd water at the loss. "Feeding time!" His face brightened as I held the bottle to his lips, smiling as he instantly suckled on it's contents. It was a mixture of milk, cum and more drugs. He suckled intently, eyes on mine as he did so. Oddly the look he gave me and the sight of him sucking sent tingles straight to my cock.

"Mmmm you're such a good boy." I took the bottle from it once he'd finished it, then set him down. "I think you deserve a treat." I undid my fly to my jeans, pushing them down my legs until they were bunched under my knees. With one hand tangled in his blonde hair, I guided him towards my throbbing cock, smiling as he extended his tongue and twisted it around my head. "Fuck." I whispered, gripping tighter on his blonde locks. His pretty lips parted, wrapping around my soft, wet head. I couldn't resist the urge to push him down onto my cock, watching the inches disappear into his wet cavern.

His eyes lidded and I knew that everything had worked. His nappy began to fill out as he started to both shit and piss himself, the back of it bulging after a few moments. That was always such a hot sight and it sent me over the edge, making me cum down his pretty little throat. "Fuck... so good baby." Sean swallowed the sticky fluid, his hands stroking my legs gently. Once I was done I let go of his soft hair, watching as he slipped off me.

"Looks like you made a mess." I smirked as I saw him squirm, being sure to ensure it spread over his skin. I loved the sight of him covered in his own filth, so I pulled him up, bending him over the coffee table. I removed the nappy from him, the rich scent assaulting my senses and making my softening cock twitch. If I hadn't just came, I knew I'd be hard as a rock. I reached, caressing his brown stained arse cheeks with my hands. I didn't care that it messed up my hands, actually finding the whole thing incredibly erotic.

"Mmmm I'm gonna make you cum baby." I pushed a finger into his dirty asshole, stroking my other hand down his back. His shit, warm and soft and oh so hot, made for the perfect lube, allowing my finger to slide easily into him in one go. He moaned, pushing his perfect little ass against me. Most of the time, probably due to how he acted onstage, he seemed like such a cocky little top. Deep down though, he loved having things stuffed up his ass as much as any of his conquests did. I knew I counted myself as one of the privileged few, though that was due to him offering hiself up to me when he was still a dark haired young upstart. If that hadn't been the case I was sure our roles would be reversed. I slowly slipped my finger out, placing my ring finger alongside it before pushing them back in, both digits stained thickly brown.

"Touch yourself." I whispered softly, curving both of my fingers in his heat, aiming for the boy's spot. He gasped, shifting a hand between his parted legs to stroke himself. From my position, I didn't have a good view, but I could see his wrist move and his balls sway. "That's it, good boy." I whispered, bending slightly to kiss along the curve of his neck. I kept probing his ass with my fingers, making sure to rub the tips of my fingers against his sweet spot. Each time I did, he released a groan and jerked back, his insides twitching around the invaders. I caressed the small of his back with my clean hand, my fingers moving faster and more urgently as I heard his breath hitch in his throat. I knew that as the only sign he'd make before shooting his load, so all I could do was make sure he came as best he could. I sank my teeth into his neck, biting just hard enough to leave a mark as I drove my fingers into him hard from the last time.

I knew he came when several things happened, almost simultaneously. His walls clamped tighter around my fingers, his back arched up into the air and he let out a soft gasp. When I pulled back from him, slowly easing my fingers out of his body, I could see his cum, stained across the table and his skin. Without being told, he shifted off the glass, leaving a smear of sweat on the once polished surface, and he swiped his tongue over the stains, eager to taste himself. I knew he'd soon grab the nappy and indulge himself by feasting on it's contents, which would likely result in me getting another hard-on and plowing his sweet arse.

For now, though, I was content to watch him, raising my fingers to my face. I examined them in the light, admiring how well stained they were and how clumps of shit clung to the skin. Then I bought them to my lips and started to suck them clean, smiling at the panty mess that was Sean Smith as he watched me. I had the distinct impression that I'd made the boy hungry with my actions. Well, he knew where the full nappy was.
Tags: fic, ian watkins, ian watkins/sean smith, lostprophets, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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