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But I don't wanna engage my brain

I can be diplomatically neutral if I write Lee/Duncan and Duncan/Antony and Lee/Antony right?

Has someone slipped viagra in my drinks? I've been in a semi-state of arousal most of the day. Why? :confused: Are these sex dreams a sign I need to get laid?

I really do I think I need a boyfriend or at least a fuck buddy. I wanna get fucked! :sigh: I need a shag.

Sure, people have worse problems but this is mine, so there!

duncan_james, I have no idea what the angst is about (probably cause I'm really, really, really stupid and can't see the obvious) but I hope it all works out in the end :)

Thank god Ant's on later so :P
Shall watch the Guilty tour tommorrow, he he
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