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We work for no one

I went to the Co-Op today to get the paper and I saw something that made me sad/sick. A poor squirrel must've tried to cross the road, cause he was run over and... :( I had to walk the other way home cause it made me so queasy.

In better news there's more Clone Wars ads, which make me eeee and wish I had American Cartoon Network to watch it. There's Cad Bane (who I find oddly hot), Mandolorians and (what looks like) a Clawdite bounty hunter. And another battle on Geonosis (or a world veryyy much like it). I'm so excited for it! Even though I'll be reliant on downloads (which'll probably fail like last time).

I wish I could find the download to the Clone Wars soundtrack. I keep playing the Battle Of Teth music in my head

Going now for food, to call up comp and maybe fic later.
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