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Never been seen in the same room before

Did anyone just watch Derren Brown? Be honest, who got stuck? I didn't, but I got real dizzy.

I finished fic today, woo! Though I meant to do it last night, boo! Might do another this weekend if I feel like it

I'm eating galaxy caramel, cause I can. I may get doritos tomorrow for when I watch Merlin. Cause, Merlin's awesome.

Mum's away till Sunday. So I'm all alone, which is good. I can do whatever and not have to be moaned bout downstairs every five seconds.

As I keep saying to mum, this room is a mess because of the all the shit the past few months. There's stuff from downstairs, the spare room and (still) a few stuff from mum's from when the electricians fucked around. I hate/resent/get pissed off by people that complain about it. I can't sort everything out until the decorating's done. Then the stuff from downstairs can move and the stuff from the other room can be moved back. I'm sick of hearing about it and it really does piss me off.

Anyway, enough of that.

What else pisses me off is the mouse still fuckin up. Bah!

The new Lostprophets vid is up. Ian looks like a sexy Sonic the hedgehog.

Pepsi is good, as is QI.

Gotta watch Clone Wars, porn and The Used dvds over the weekend. Tomorrow I shold take pictures and find JC thing cause it fell down the side of the bed (and then the electricians came in and chaos ensued). Alo gotta keep trying to get the Falcon out of the bed drawer.
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