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Superhero Bondage

Superhero Bondage
Pairing: Lee Malia/Oli Sykes/Tom Sykes
Rating: NC-17
POV: Lee
Warnings: BDSM, crossdressing, watersports
Notes: Another fic caused by the superhero shoot, sequel to Superhero Sluts. Tom's dressed as supergirl.

I gazed down at Tom, smirking at him he wiggled and squirmed. Slim white ropes were wrapped around his waist, securing his arms to his sides. He wore a supergirl outfit. The blue top, with the superman logo emblazoned on it, stopped just under where his breasts would have been if he had some, showing off his stomach. Well, it would have if it wasn't under the ropes. A bright red, short cape hung from his shoulders. On his lower half, he wore a tiny, shiny red skirt which stopped a few inches above his knees. The final part of the outfit was a pair of shiny red and gold boots which almost reached his knees. At the base of the top, wrists, waistband and top of the boots were bands of gold.

I remember how much he'd cursed Oli on seeing the outfit. I had a feeling he'd assumed he'd inherit Curtis' Wonderwoman outfit. But instead he got this, which was much more revealling. I guess Oli had wanted them to match.

"You'll never escape me Supergirl, you're mine to use as I wish." I chuckled, stroking along his leg. I wasn't exactly sure why Spiderman would want to tie up Supergirl unless it was for something sexual. I shifted my hand up his leg, caressing the soft skin I found there. I watched him intently, wetting my lips. "And no one will come to save you."

As if on cue, Oli leaped into the room, clad in his superman outfit. "That's where you're wrong SpiderLee!" I gasped as I turned to face him, scrambling to my feet as quickly as I could.

"Damn you Superman!" I growled, wishing I could squirt spiderwebs. Or at least had one of those things that kids could get with spray cans. Sadly, the former was impossibly and Oli wouldn't let me have the latter.

Oli stalked across the room, eyes locked on me. He pushed me back down to the floor, growling softly. "You'll pay for taking Supergirl from me." He gripped the hood of my outfit to hold me in place, tugging the lower part of his outfit down enough to free his dick. It was only half hard, though I knew that was due to him willing it down. It took only a few seconds for him to start to piss, releasing the pale golden fluid over my face. I sighed softly, closing my eyes as it soaked through my outfit, making it cling to my skin. The scent filled my senses, making my dick stiffen in it's confines. I longed for it, craved it. It was an addiction now, started from the first time he'd done it. Now I needed him to do it as often as possible. At least several times a week. Often now I'd piss myself, but it just wasn't the same. I caught some of it in my mouth, swallowing it down as I heard him chuckle.

"You're just a needy little slut aren't you?" He slapped my face with his, the last remnants of his piss landing on his cheeks. He chuckled to himself, ruffling my hair through the hood, then turned to his brother. He stroked fondled himself as he approached him, his tonguue wetting his lips. "I guess I should thank you though, for wrapping up Supergirl oh so pretty for me." His ass swayed as he moved towards him, crouching down once he was beside him. His tattooed hands stroked the skin that I had before he'd came in. I shuffled closer, eager to get a better view, not that the view of Oli's arse was a bad one, I just wanted to see the action better. After all, he'd not told me to stay where I was had he?

His hands had ceased their stroking, instead his fingers were tugging down the bright red panties he'd made his younger brother wear. I bit my lip to stifle a groan as Oli tossed the material aside. "So pretty..." He whispered, almost under his breath as his hands returned under the skirt, no doubt cupping and stroking the other. It wasn't exactly a secret between us that they'd fooled around. It was something that went unspoken for the most part, apart from the occasional act of voyeurism or joining in. His hand shifted again and Tom parted his legs and raised his hips for ease of access. The younger body let out a gasp, his boy arching as an unknown amount of Oli's fingers penetrated him. I watched as his wrist moved back and forth, working him open with each movement.

Suddenly, Oli stopped and removed his hand completely, giving his fingers a slow lick to taste his brother. Both of his hands moved under his brother, lifting him off the floor with surprising ease. I turned my head to watch, palming myself through the outfit as he laid Tom across the bed, with a care that he seemed to reserve just for his baby brother. "For tying him up like this, you may use his pretty mouth." He gestured to Tom's head, which now hung slightly off the bed. I nodded, standing and slipping the lower half of my outfit off my body, watching as Oli whispered something to his brother that I couldn't catch. Tom's slim legs wrapped around Oli's waist, pulling him close. Oli let out a low groan and I knew without seeing that his cock had entered Tom's body.

Free of the slightly wet blue fabric of my outfit's lower half, I stalked over to them, presenting my hard cock for Tom. The boy smiled up at me, although from the way he was positioned it looked like a frown. He planted a gentle kiss on my soft head before his lips parted and moved to engulf as much of my length as he was able to. "Shit..." I groaned at the feeling, starting to move my hips slightly, knowing that I'd have more control then he would. His tongue wiggled against my cock as I began to thrust in and out. My eyes met Oli's as he mirrored my actions, only with his dick pounding his ass.

"Good ain't he?" Oli smirked at me, but didn't give me any time to respond. Instead he grabbed my wet hood, yanking it off and kissing me hungrily. His tongue wiggled around mine, his fingers tangling in my hair when he cast the hood aside. I groaned aginst his lips, circling my tongue around his. I wasn't going to bother fighting his tongue with my own, knowing he'd keep going until he had total dominance of my mouth. When we parted, it was only through a mutual need for air, but his hand still maintained a grip on my hair, using it to yank my head back. Out of the corner of my eye I saw his other hand move beneath his brother's skirt, wanking him rapidly.

I let out a low groan, speeding my movements in and out of his Tom's pretty throat, stroking his shoulders gently. He felt so fucking good. Oli shifted to kiss along my neck, nipping at my skin between kiss, not hard enough to leave marks, but enough to send little jolts of pain through me. "Cum over his face." Oli whispered against my ear, growling as he thrust into Tom's body hard.

I slipped out of Tom's mouth with a wet pop, taking my saliva slick dick in hand and stroking it as fast as I could. It was hard to keep a firm grip, but I managed it, aiming it for his face. I kept stroking, keeping my eyes on the pair of them fucking. "Fuck..." Tom's hips jerked and a wet patch formed over the skirt, indicating that he was the first of us to cum.

"Good boy." Oli whispered, though it was obscured by his moans of pleasure. I'd expected him to cum over myor Tom's face, but he remained within him, pounding into him hard. Oli kept it up for at least another few minutes, before his body arched and he released inside him.

I lay across Tom's body, lifting up his skirt to lick at the cum that still clung to the shiny material of his skirt. It was the taste of him that sent me over the edge, causing me to straighten up to make sure I shot it all over his pretty, boyish face. The thick, cloudy fluid clung to his skin, making him look even hotter. I panted softly, watching as he licked it from wherever he could reach with his soft tongue.

"So good, both of you." Oli pulled out of Tom, bending at the waist to kiss his chin gently. He undid the bonds that held the young boy, Tom shifting to sit up so it was easier for the rope to be removed. He threw it aside, kissing me and then Tom, though he lingered longer on his brother. Once their lips parted, Tom shifted to lay in the center of the bed, with the pair of us taking either side.

For the longest time we lay like that, in relative silence apart from the three of us panting softly. "Perhaps next time, we should tie you up Oli." Tom's voice was soft, his eyes on his brother.

"Perhaps." He smiled, his tongue snaking out of his lips. "Perhaps."
Tags: bring me the horizon, fic, lee malia, lee malia/oli sykes/tom sykes, oli sykes, slash, tom sykes
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