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What are you, a detective?

This is why Obama's better then Bush.

Anyway, this is just a quick (second) post before I go and see nan. Or try to. The other post's just a fic request update thing.

The tilers are done. It looks nice. Thank fuck there's no more workmen for weeks.

Now that they are, I can actually start moving stuff around from tomorrow.

Tonight I should have money for Tuesday. I hope.

FUCK OFF SPIDERS! They are all evil and where the shit are they coming from? Seriously. Ugh. I hate them.

I'm gonna try and update my profile over the weekend.

I strated work on fic last night, but hit a block and got too tired to finish it. It's the sequel to the BMTH fic with them in their superhero outfits that I did. I might be able to finish it tonight if I get past the block with it.

Anyway. Of I go, even though I'm too tired really.
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