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Fic request post

For some inexplicable reason, the old fic request post (and by old, I mean nearly 3 years) has had posts on it, so I'm basically gonna updated it now.

If you'd like a fic (and there's no guarantee it'd get done, but I'd try) post a comment here.

In the comment you should put something like this:
Anything you'd like:
Anything you wouldn't want:

Fandoms I'll do are: 30 Seconds To Mars (Though I'd be reluctant to use them), Apocalyptica, Armor For Sleep, Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, Cobra Starship (though by that I mean Gabe since I dunno the others well), Death Note, Doctor Who, Escape The Fate, Fightstar, Heroes, Homoemo boys, Lostprophets (mostly Ian), Madina Lake, Mindless Self Indulgence (but only the boys), My Chemical Romance (see 30 Seconds), Panic! At The Disco, Papa Roach, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Blackout, The Legend Of Zelda, The New Regime, The Horrors (though I need to learn the other boys names), The Sarah Jane Adventures, The Used, Tokio Hotel, Torchwood, Umbrella Academy

If your one isn't in there I may not do it, but I may try it if you link me to pics/info. I may also have missed out a few so...

Anything for Bullet could also use one of the unwritten prompts from here.
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