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Twisted and contorting

Gah gah gah!

I am so made of stupid failness. I though The Used gig was the 28th (for some insane reason) but it's not. It's Tuesday. As in this Tuesday. And I won't have money till next Thursday so I've had to ask mum. Gah! I fail so hard.

Anyone been/going to the gigs, could yous tell me what the merch is like? Please. (Same for anyone oging to the Papa Roach/Madina Lake gigs early next month).

Since it's Tuesday, that means my trip to Birmingham Monday was pretty pointless and I coulda done it all then. Gah.

Yesterday I had another spider crawl over the keyboard. This time I didn't scream and flail, just watched the horrible fucker until it was in a place where I could squish it dead. Ugh.

Since mum's gonna be away Friday-Sunday, that'll be the time I'll sort stuff out and take pictures of shit. So expect a pic post then.

Kerrang's boring. Least it has half good posters. Next week has The Used so... yay!

Gonna try and fic later and watch some shit this weekend. Also gonna kick the aerial's ass until it shows certain awesome channels clear again.
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