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Watch the thorns!

After post last night (and after nomming spring rolls) I made up the droid bomber. It was fun and it's pretty awesome! The bombs launch so well and the droids are pretty cool (though stickers are evils!). I really hope that a certain person *eyes mother* gets me a set for my birthday. Gimme the Nemoidian shuttle damnit!

The tilers are back and banging away. Sigh. I hate this! I'll be glad when it's over and I can snuggle new kitty. (I has a notepad of kitty names now.)

Gah I hate the mouse and the tv aerial I may need both.

Soon I'm gonna put dvds back on the shelves.

You know what amuses the hell out of me? There's a guy in one of the many pornos that Mikey linked me too (see, this is why I love you and you're awesome!) that looks like Mateo. Seriously, it's... uncanny. Maybe it is him...

I has so much stuff to watch on here, but I hate watching stuff on comps. I suck. Stuff includes 17 Again, porn, The Mighty Boosh and Clone Wars. I'll proably watch some later (probably porn). None comp stuff to watch is The Used's dvd (I fail at watching it so hard) and the pile of dvds beside the tv.

Does anyone else think Lexxi from Steel Panther's hot? Is there fic of him, I fail at finding

It amuses me that (in a French magazine) Jay has no vices. Of course he does! Buttsex! (Anyone fluent in French to maybe translate?) And gah damn his pretty little Welsh face, I've images of him mudwrestling (and gah, there's a teeny part of my brain that replaces mud with all kinds of other things).

I need to sort out the Wii later and go on AC.

There's an awesome new BMTH tee I hope is at the gig.

I'm iconning a bit more now. Later I'll probably write something which'll either be an attempt at the belated fic for balthamos_1987's birthday, more Jay porn or that fic I had in my head awhile back (based on the BMTH costume shoot with Tom in an outfit too). Or maybe something with Madina or The Used. Hmmm...

Edit: I got tagged by nz_bonjovi_gal

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it".

1- If I start watching a boset, even a random ep, I tend to end up watching the whole thing
2- I ramble a lot, about geeky things. Sometimes even when I'm alone.
3- I have more fic ideas then I ever write. I make a note of every one that enters my head, despite most not being done.
4- I can get easily distracted. By something shiny or pretty.
5- I sleep with a cuddly unicorn and a massive sheep. They're nice to cuddle.
6- If I get bored I put a random dvd on, just for the noise mostly. Sometimes I put on music instead
7- I can get very scattered. In my head and life.

Erm... whoever else
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