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They'd be dangerous if they could think

Ugh. Today has ended up being iffy. There's been the predictable long bus rides (though I ended up reading 4 chapters of Cloak Of Deception) along with other things (all bullet pointed now cause I'm lazy).

*When I went to get the Lego Hyena Droid Bomber it wasn't in sight
*No where had minis or Kit (or pocket models)
*There was a massive poster of Oli up outside a shop on the way to the Bullring (I thought I was seeing things)
*I got a new adorkable and tiny unihorn which I kept making dance to The Horrors
*I got Mikey a little something, a Doctor Who book and a Zelda tin for my DS
*Where the fuck was all the Halloween stuff? Christmas stuff in September=fail
*Practically every shop in Birmingham had a layout change, wtf?
*I managed to get Mikey's pressie (a little more then expected)
*I got a Skellanimal bag clip
*The box office wasn't open on time due to something going wrong, so no tickets
*The new Academy is near an awesome little road island which has all Chinese stuff. I wish I'd had my cam to take pics, it's so nice (I wanna picnic there)
*I got a Trek mag/dvd
*I went to Tesco to get a Magnaguard fic, but I spotted a Hyena bomber (bah why wasn't it there before?) so I had to dip into the gig ticket money thing, but only for a fiver (damn my build lust, I blame the sets from last week). I need to see the CLone Wars eps it's in to see it in action
*Going to Boundary Mill was pointless

Sigh. Niow food's on and, after eating I'll build, then sleep.

Pictures of stuff from today soonish. When I do everything else
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