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Take cover, run as fast as you can

Yesterday was a good day.

Well, part from not being upstairs.

It was good cause:
*The workmen actually did a good, impressive job
*Mikey sent me downloads for the Clone Wars, so I have all of the ones I've not seen (and Kit's ep cause Kit is hot and kickass). I blame getting the newer guide which has about eps I ain't seen
*After a long search I found a download of The Mighty Boosh episode with The Horrors
*There's a Finch ep of awesome from their site! New album soon yes? (I'm slightly fixated on the one song most of all)
*I got the Star Wars psoter in the Mirror and shall have it up soon
*I finished fic which I'm fairly proud of, so go read
*The shelves are semi-sorted
*The next lotta minis looks awesome!

I need a few deciding votes in the poll. Please voote for both parts or just the second part, cause it's kinda annoying how several peeps only voted for the first).

Tomorrow's the long day out where I'll try and get:
*The Lego Hyena Droid Bomber (if it's still cheaper, which it might not be. If not then minis or try and get Kit)
*Mikey's main pressie
*Tickets for the Van's thing next month

Here, have some emo boy porn. Seriously, it is graphic so dun click if parents etc are around.

I'll be doin a pic post some point this week I hope.

I gotta set up the Wii today. May go on Majora's Mask once everything's settled later this week. I hate how I made such a fuss to get it and then haven't been on. Plus I wanna kill things. You know what would be awesome? A Star Wars game for the Wii that's in a Zelda format. Or like Star Trek Conquest only better.

Also, we might be getting a kitty when the decorating's done! Yay!

And also, next week mum's not gonna be here so...

Yay one week till Merlin!
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