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Like Phantoms In The Night

Like Phantoms In The Night
Pairing: Jay James/Joshua Hayward
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 43: Outdoor sex
Warnings: None really, but it's smut basically so...
Notes: As far as I know they've never met/been on the same tour so... take this as AUish.

The first thing I noticed about him was how inexplicable his hair was. It was a mass of black, with a small hint of blonde on his fringe. His body was slim and he wore all black, the clothing clinging to him in all the right places. Eye shadow covered the skin around his pretty eyes. Something about him made me want him, though I wasn't sure what it was exactly.

I shook my head and turned away, not wanting to spend the whole night gawking at the boy. I was barely two steps away before I heard a voice, soft against my ear. "So you were just going to stare and say nothing?" I shifted on the spot, opening my mouth to speak but the voice cut me off. "Meet me under the main stage. In an hour." He ran his hand down my body, squeezing my ass gently. He seperated from me and, by the time I turned around, he was gone.


I stood under the stage, shifting beneath it. I'd never been under a festival stage before, despite being involved in so many of them. It was almost eerie. It was so dark, with extra shadows being cast by the metal bars that held the stage upright. There was only dim lights from the distant areas away from the stage where activity would be occuring long into the night.

"You came." I almost jumped as he appeared out of the shadows, as if he'd been a part of them. He still wore all black, which allowed him to meld with the shadows. He licked his lips lightly, staring at me through his hair. "I'm glad." He took a few steps closer to me and he ran a hand over my body. There was a moment of silence between them as we studied one another, but he broke it after awhile. "Wanna fuck?"

He was certainly nothing if not blunt. I could only reply with a nod. He pressed his slim body against mine, stroking my sides as he kissed me. The kiss was surprisingly rough and hungry, his tongue forcing it's way into my mouth and exploring it eagerly. I was so caught off guard that I stumbled backward when he pushed me, my back pressing against one of the larger support struts. His lips and tongue attacked my own, while his hand shifted to my crotch, undoing my fly. By the time we parted for air, the fly of my three quarter lengths was fully open and the material was pulled down to my knees.

I didn't have time to do more then take in a few gulps of air before the boy's lips were on my again. Hands were on me again, his touch cool against my heated skin. His fingers tugged my boxers down, freeing my erection and arse for him. The cool air made me shiver slightly, but his kisses soon made me forget all about it. His fingers settled on the cheeks of my ass, his nails digging slightly into my skin. My own were on his sides, stroking him lightly through the t-shirt.

The slender boy eventually parted from me, panting hotly against my face. "Mmmm." He snaked his pretty pink tongue out, running it along the curve of my chin lightly. "Bend over." He whispered, his voice soft as he raked his fingernails over my skin. I found myself complying, twisting around and dipping down, gripping one of the metal bars for balance. He ran his fingers along my cleft, nudging the clothing of my lower half to the floor with his foot. His spit-slick fingers pressed against my opening, circling the ring slowly, making me let out a small gasp. I dug my teeth into my lower lip to stop such sounds as his middle finger pushed into insistantly into my body. "Fuck..." I gasped as the digit breached me, the length of it filling me in moments. He didn't give me time to adjust, but that was ok, I was used to being fucked with little prep. He wiggled his finger inside me, then started thrusting it in and out, working my tightness open. What felt like moments, but was more likely minutes, later he added his ring finger, spreading them almost immediately to ready me faster.

"I think that's enough." His words were barely above a whisper and I almost missed them. Almost. His fingers slipped from my body, making a far more noticable sound as they left me. More sounds filled the cool air then. His zipper was pulled down and he spat on his hand, slicking his length with the salliva. I inclined my head slightly to watch, but was rewarded with a sharp slap on my ass for my trouble which caused me to release a yelp of surprise. "Eyes forward." I whimpered softly, but returned to facing forward, eyes on the lights in the distance. Every so often the lights would be blocked by movement and there was the added thrill that we could be caught down here. "Better."

He thrust forward, burying himself within one fluid movement, the pair of us releasing low groans at the feeling. He began moving in sharp thrusts, sliding his hands under my tee and raking his nails down my back. I closed my eyes, gripping the rail tighter. There was little else I could do apart from push back against him and clench my muscles around his length. I bit my lip again, harder this time, so I wouldn't moan like a needy whore, even though that's exactly what I was. His hands settled on my hips, his nails digging into the soft skin there, though I had a feeling they were just in that position to use my hip bones as leverage.

Each movement of his hips sent his cock into me at a slightly different angle, clearly trying to hit my spot. He caught it every so often, each time illicting a gasp which escaped my lips. After several tries, he slammed against my spot, making me release a loud groan of pleasure. "That's it... groan for me bitch." He mumbled behind me, making sure to pound against my spot each time he penetrated me. When he did so, I responded by clenching around him just that little bit tighter. "Yeah..."

I willed him to touch my cock, but apparently he didn't want to. I would have done myself, but I feared his roughness would cause me to tumble to the floor, something I couldn't afford with all these bars around. The air around us was filled with the sounds both of us made and of skin hitting skin. "Please..." I whispered, not exactly sure what I was begging him for. His right hand released my hip, snaking behind me and landing on my ass harshly, the slap making me yelp again.

"No." He replied through gritted teeth, apparently deciding whatever I'd wanted for me and denying it without a thought. "Now quiet. No more words, just moans or will do this again." He slapped my ass again, even harder then the last time. Part of me wanted to say something else just to make him do it again, but I couldn't find the words.

We carried on like this for some time, until he pulled out of me harshly. I let out a low whine, knowing he had to be close. His fingers tangled in my dark locks, pulling me back with enough force that I released the bars and fell backward. He chuckled as I managed to catch myself, managing to get on all fours. He circled my body until he stood before me, fully clothed with his cock hanging out of his fly. "Open." I parted my lips until they formed a perfect o, fully expecting him to thrust his cock down my throat. Instead he grasped his cock and started wanking at an almost blinding pace. I groaned as I watched, my cock throbbing between my legs. His whole length was slick, his head shining with precum in the dim light. He let out a soft cry of pleasure, thrusting his hips forward as he came, the hot fluid landing over my lips and chin, most landing in my mouth. "Swallow." He whispered as he panted his hand slowing on his softening shaft. I oblidged, swallowing the salty cum with a purr. He tasted so good. I darted my tongue out over his slick head, lapping up the remnants that clung there.

He panted above me, running his hands through my hair. "Good boy..." He let go and pushed me onto my back, tucking his cock away and zipping himself up. I thought, for a moment, that that would be it and he'd go, but he surprised me by slipping to his knees between my legs. "Now for your reward." He bent down and held my cock upright at the base, his lips wrapping around my head, his tongue lapping at my hard flesh.

"Fuck..." I whispered, gripping onto the grass beneath me. Almost effortlessly, he swallowed about half of my cock, squeezing his lips and twisting his tongue against me. His other hand cupped and caressed my heavy balls, squeezing gently on the soft flesh. "I... err..." I would have called out his name if I'd been sure of it, but I had no clue of what it was at all. Even if I had, it would have just ended up caught in the back of my throat as my eyelids flutter closed, my hips bucking as I climaxed. He swallowed every single spurt down his pretty little throat. "Fuck..."

He sat up when my dick started to wilt, wiping the saliva from his lips with the back of his hand. "Mmm that was fun." He sat back, a satisfied smile spreading over his lips when I couldn't manage anything incoherent. "We should do it again sometime." I managed to nod, not trusting my own voice to respond verbally. "I'm Joshua by the way." I opened my mouth to offer him my name, but he was quick to cut me off. "Yeah, I know who you are." He stood up, brushing the grass off his legs before offering me a hand up. As soon as I was upright I pulled up my boxers and three quarter lengths, not bothering to remove the grass that was bound to be stuck to my skin or tangle among the hairs on my legs. "Let's head back to civilisation. I always need to piss and drink after a good fuck."

"Yeah, sounds good." I whispered at last, following him as he scampered over the bars on the way out. I wondered if anyone had seen or heard us, but decided it was better to just follow him and think about such things later.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/joshua hayward, joshua hayward, slash, the horrors
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