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And I die a little inside

I've just come back from nan's which was fairly tiring since mum decided to shop after. Oh yeah, and there was the usual soul destroying. We ended up watching Wall-E which took my mind off it.

The cat place wants people, so I'm gonna ask Thursday.

Tonight I'll be writing and moving stuff, since I started fic last night.

Tomorrow, the stairs wall's being done, then Tuesday and Wednesday the bathroom tiles are being done. Then all that's left is decorating the living room at the start of October.

Next door pisses me off. They've put grease or some shit on the fence, which has gotten on Solo. Mum's pissed and we've been told to call the RSPCA cause if he'd licked his paws he coulda been poisoned.

Monday'll be a tiring day. Don't expect me on. I'm going to Walsall, then Birmingham, then Walsall, then Boundary Mills, then Walsall, then home. So I'll be on a bus for 3ish hours and be tired when I get back. I'll try and get Mikey's b-day present then, cause it's the most viable time too.

Also, with October being so unbearably clustered (3 gigs, decorators etc) I probably won't be going down for Mikey's birthday.

October 20th's my birthday so I'm gonna make a random plea for gifts in the form of fic/art/manips. Anything of the following bands would be awesome (mixing and matching=awesome too):
*Bullet For My Valentine (preferably Jay or Padge)
*The Used (preferably Dan or Bert)
*Madina Lake (preferably Mateo but it's all good)
*The Blackout (preferably Snoz)
*BMTH (preferably Oli, but not Jona)
*Other people: Ian, Ilan, Jacoby, Tom Sykes, Jay Smith, Matt Good, Ronnie Radke, Max Green, Craig Mabbit, Omar Abidi, Zac Efron, Homoemo boys etc

Porn's the best. Preferably kinky stuff (scat, watersports, infantilism, tentacles, zombies, nullification, heavy kink=awesome).

Gonna go now, cause there's a windows update.
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