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Cause it would've been a lie

Cause Star Wars is awesome and I'm gonna post a few prompts and hope like hell. (Guess which mine are and you gain an obvious award).

Onto the main part of the post.

The electricians have gone and won't be back! Yay! But they put the power on and off and be'd annoying.

Today's mini lego set is the best of the three I have so far. It's awesome!

I got Rock Sound instead of Kerrang today. Ugh I hate how Paramore chick always gets an artcard. Why did Steel Panther and Lostprophets have to be back to back? Nom on BMTH though (part from Jona) and yay for Tom being there.

Tomorrow I'll be getting food and stuffs. Also gonna be sorting out the book shelf for Star Wars reference books (I got a new one today, eee Kit!).

At some point next week (Monday or Wednesday) I'll be doing a long trip. Gotta pick up stuff mum had ordered in, hopefully get tickets for that Fightstar thing and get minis/random stuffs.

I'm sure I'd something wise to say, but drills drilled it outta me.

I'm pondering ficcing The Horror's Joshua, but I need more pics. Internet, gives me!

I may fic later.
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