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They sure know how to put almost everything you need

Ugh, today's been horrible.

The electricians came today and, decided in their infinite wisdom, to mess with my room first. Joy. Hence, everything being rush chucked on the bed. Joy.

So until now I've been minus the net.

However, now the electricians have gone and sorted my rroom, there's no electric in the room at all so I'm forced to be downstairs all the time.

Also annoyingly, when I loaded up the comp, it didn't go into hibernate and save stuff. Bah.

Also, I have to sleep down here cause stuff's on bed.

Good things now:
*Harper's Island was goood! I want more!
*I listened to The Horrors, they're good! I didn't expect them to be cause NME's taste is suspect
*I got the Lego set today (and my uncle's gonna try and get tomorrow's)
*I managed to finish the femmeslash fic last night, yay!
*I found all of my missing ddvs, Wall-E included
*We spent a bit of time outside, which was nice, saw bugs
*I managed to read through some of the Atlas

Now to go through e-mails and shit. And eat.
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