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Pairing: girl!Bob Bryar/girl!Ray Toro
Rating; NC-17
POV: girl!Bob
Warnings: Femmeslash
Notes: My first MCR fic in ages and probably my only one for months. Inspired by this sexy as fuck picture of girl!MCR by theopteryx.

I tugged Ray into the bathroom, eager to be alone with her. This was the most unused of the school's many bathroom's, as it was too far from the main areas were kids hung out. We often came here because of that. I tugged her into a cubicle, the middle one of the three which was the one we always used when we were here.

The second we were in the confined space, my lips crashing against hers as I pushed her against the closed door. I pushed my tongue forcefully into her mouth, stroking her sides. As always, she was so wonderfully submissive, letting me take control. I broke the kiss after a few moments, running my tongue over her full lips. I did wish that we had more time, so I could spend more then just a few brief minutes kissing her, but there was something more urgent to be dealt with. I shifted back from her, sitting down on the toilet and spreading my legs.

We looked at each each for a few moments. This was normally where, in films or tv or shit like that, the two people would communicate without words, just by a look. Unfortunately, life was not so simple. "Just get on your fucking knees Ray." I said with a sigh, smiling as she did so. My smile widened just a little as I saw a piece of grafitti on the wall. The stall was covered in numerous writings, but due to it's lack of use no one bothered to remove them. The one that I was looking at was done by us, a simple one that stated 'BB + RT' in bright purple marker. I returned my attention to the other girl as her hands slipped under my skirt, parting my knees. It was at times like this that I wished I wore the short skirts that our friends did. Although I was afraid it would give the impression that I was a slut like them. Same for Ray.

I ran my hands through her soft brown hair as her fingers inched up my legs, stopping when they gripped my panties and pulled the dark purple material down. She slipped them to my knees, then shifted closer to me, until her head was under my skirt. I held a little tighter onto her hair, feeling her inhale my scent. Gently, her tongue extended and swiped over my wet pussy, making me let out a strangled moan. I bit my lower lip to stifle anymore such sounds, her hands holding onto my thighs and pulling them wide apart.

I loved the feeling of her tongue working my pussy. I couldn't wait until we were older, when we wouldn't have to sneak around and I could get a strap-on to fuck her sweet cunt. I groaned as her thumb brushed my clit, my hips jerking against her face. "Oh fuck Ray..." I whispered, gripping her curls.

It was then I noticed, through half lidded eyes, that there was long hair hanging over the tops of the walls. Since we'd neither seen any fucked up videos or entered any cursed Japanese houses there was only one person it could be. "Bert, fuck off you perv right now or I'll smash your little balls with a croquet mallet." I growled softly. glaring up at him. The little fuck soon ducked his head down and opened the door, scampering off. Probably to the nearby boy's toilets to wack off. I'd deal with him later. Possibly. "Ignore him, keep it up."

She nodded, alternating between dipping her tongue in my wetness, sucking on my labia and lapping at my clit. She was so wonderful, so fucking wonderful. Her lips and tongue could have a career. Her left hand shifted, slipping up and under my blouse to cup my breast. She seemed to like them almost as much as my cunt. Sure, they weren't as big as hers, but they were still among the biggest in the school. We both got a lot of unwanted and uneeded attention from boys because of them. We got more attention perhaps because of how close we were. Perhaps some of them fantisised about us doing just this. Fuck I would have to make sure Bert didn't tell a soul.

I groaned low in my throat, bucking my hips up. "Shit... Ray..." I gasped, my head tipping back against the tiled wall, cumming hard around her tongue. I relaxed my hand, purring softly as she lapped up my juices. A few seconds later, she sat back, kissing my knees.

"You taste so good." She stood slowly and leaned close, kissing me so I could taste too, my eyes lidding as I did so. Mmmm she was wonderful.

Our kiss was broken by the insistant ring of the schoolbell. "Shit." I mutted under my breath, slipping up my panties again and standing too. However, I was more annoyed that I was unable to get the beautiful girl before me off too.

"It's ok." She smiled, her full lips kissing mine again. "You can make it up to me later." She winked at me, then took my hand, pulling me out of the small space to lead me back to class.
Tags: femmeslash, fic, girl!bob bryar, girl!bob bryar/girl!ray toro, girl!ray toro, my chemical romance
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