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Striving for perfection

I'm just finishing fic, but I figure beforehand I should make a post (fic'll be up withing minutes after this so...).

You know something I hate? Apart from homophobes and ther ilk of course.

How society (and the media) portrays the 'perfect' woman. Apparently, women who aren't sticks and don't have tits that make them top heavy are ugly. Well, fuck them. That's so full of shit. I hate how, that stupid image of perfection makes girls go on these ridiculous diets that only result in making them unhealthy.

Also, did you know that calories is an outdated and, essentially, useless means of measurement. It's to do with energy, not weight. It's stupid. Oh yeah and cutting out fatty foods isn't a good idea (unless it's all you eat of course). Your body needs it to an extent.

In short, girls should be curvy. Sticks are unattractive and, probably, break when touched. Big tits aren't cool, unless they're natural or you're pregnant.

I'm sure I had something else to add to the rant, but I can't think of what I was gonna say.

Oh and whoever came up with that 'perfect' body image should be fed to a fucking Sarlacc.
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