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They're not tentacles!

Gah, I fail.

First, I was gonna do a pic post today... but I forgot to charge the cam's battery so that's been put on hold.

Second, last night the comp went haywire... then the net died. So, anyone that talked to me/tried to talk to me, that's why I went quiet/vanished. It wasn't until this morning that it sorted itself out.

Third, I fail at finishing fic which I'll try and do tonight. (And speaking of fic, I'll go back to my original plan of doing at least one 50kinkyways fic a week this week.)

Fourth, things still need moving which I'll shift soon.

Now to non-faily things.

I watched Futurama, which was pretty awesome. Stephen Hawking was in it and he's awesome. Also there's tentacles in it, which make me wanna do tentacle fic damnit!

I'm gonna go on AC now, then resume moving stuff and finishing he fic. It's odd how the images for it won't leave me alone but seem hard to translate into actual words. Actually, it's not odd it's annoying.

I leave with a link to adorableness
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