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Our mummy's a crook

Well, I'm back now and I'm tired.

There's an interesting looking show on five soon called Flashforward. It has John Cho in it for one (and it also has Dom Monaghan and Seth MacFarlane according to wiki). And it looks... odd.

Can't wait for Harper's Island tomorrow.

NCIS amuses me cause the dude that's died is called Farnsworth.

I met be getting Guitar Hero 5 for Xmas.

Anyway, onto today's post.

We went to Walsall, which I haven't been to in months. It wasn't too different. We got the first Lego set from Smiths (I dunno how many I'll get personally, mum's talking about sending off and/or roping in her brother).

Went into the new CEX store too. Wow. Just wow. I've been in three of their stores (Tunbridge Wells, Wolverhampton and Birmingham) and this one was as big as them all put together. I got Death Note Volume 4 and Futurama Beast With A Billion Backs. Mum randomly got the me the Wall-E game too. I looked for a number of other things, but my brain=dead. The dude that served us was awesome cause he wore a Drop Dead tee.

The sci-fi shop=shit. No minis=sucky.

I got some Pocketmodels and a Trek magazine/dvd from The Works. Yay! One of the pocketmodels is Padme's Nubian Yacht (which is shiny and beautiful).

After that we went to see District 9 (after Mcdonalds). First, trailers. Sorority Row looks like I Know What You Did Last Summer, but it looks ok. Case (39? or something) looked pretty good. What's it with kids being creepy and odd? It's perhaps the first film the Renee that looks good. 2012 looks good, but that means nothing. The graphics are good in Day After Tomorrow but it didn't retain my interest. Last was Pandorum (I think) which is probably the one I will see. It looks awesome and is very... Dead Space/Alien looking (I thought it would be a Dead Space film to begin with). It looked awesomeness.

Then, District 9. It was good (I already see someone making a District 10). The ickle alien was so adorable and cute. The main guy's accent was annoying to begin with, but I got used to it. It was interesting how it got cut with documentary stuff, but I felt real sad for the poor aliens. I just wanted to squish them.

After it, we walked and mum made me sad talking bout grandad. I won't talk about it, thus avoiding emoness.

We went to Boundary Mill. Got a t-shirt and a few dvds (Gattaca, Birthday Girl and Merlin).

So now I'm home and tired. Gonna try and fic later. Building stuff now.

Pic post tomorrow.

Might check out The Horrors soon.
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