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He's worth a lot to me

Yay for Vermont. Good on you for allowing gay marriage. Thankfully their legal system is so complex it'll take years for any attempt to be made to get rid of it, unlike certain states which are too easy to overturn.

I looked a bit more at the Essential Atlas, but I really need to read it properly. Again it amuses me how big Hutt Space is. During the Clone Wars it was bigger then all of Seperatist controlled space. No wonder they wanted an alliance with the Hutts during the Clone Wars film.

Damn ye Mirror. And also, yay! They're doing a promotion where you get a little Lego Star Wars set with each paper for a week... but you need to get them from Smiths. The nearest one is over half an hour away on foot and is closed on Sundays, so I may need to beg someone to get Sundays (and other days maybe causa dumbass workmen). I may ask uncle. Unless you can send off for them or get them a day late.

I got woke up today by bint moaning and groaning. We ended up havoing a shouting match. She seems to have calmed down now though. Dunno if we're going out tomorrow or not.

I need to decide if I should upload an icon of Spencer or Brendon from the end of the NP vid.

The Used poster arrived today. It's so big. And had a cute silver smudge on the back.

Apparenlty, local kitties have gone missing. Rhys is ok, but I'm worried about him.

Friends list, anyone know the release date of Padge's dvd yet? Or the Bullet tour? Or (from last post) any Ronnie fic or pics.

Sixish lyrics still left to be guessed.

Things to do over the next week +:
*Go on AC
*Start Majora's Mask
*Finish the fic I started
*The next kinkyways fic

DVDs to watch:
*Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
*Death Note Vol 2-3
*The other Death Note Films
*Underworld/Underworld Evolution
*The Resident Evil films
*Battle Royale
*At least one of those Stargate ones
*The Used's Artwork dvd (and maybe others)

Minor edit: I'd love to go here cause the bones are still there.

The TH is weird.
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