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The last man standing

The spider problem is solved. The bastard tried to sneak up on me last night, but he underestimated me. So now he's been splatted and is down the drain. Woo!

Have there been any official pics from Reading/Leeds of the Ian/Sean 69ing? Caps aren't great causa the cam angle.

I didn't do half of what I was gonna do last night. Bah.

Gonna do it all later I think.

The outside door is fucked. The key won't turn or nothing. So someone always has to be here. We have a lock guy looking at it.

The bed is now sorted so there's only one matress on it. Yay!

JC today was boring and pointless. It was basically just a slideshow of everything we already knew. Bah. I may call Connections, cause they're doing a qualification thing.

Got a loada cheap stuff from Home Bargins. Another Stargate and Stargate Atlantis dvd, The lack Dahlia Murder (that's good right?) and a set of ickle Wall-E figs. I wanna know where my dvd is...

Kerrang is eh!

The card reader came today so... more pics soon maybe.

Saturday I may be going to Walsall with mum to see District 9 and stuff. Maybe.

Very minor geekdom from my brief look in the Star Wars Atlas now. I never realised how big Hutt Space was till now. It's almost as big as the core and bigger then the pre-Vong war Imperial Remnant. It's kinda crazy really.

Gonna sort stuff soon.

Anyone know where to find kinky Ronnie Radke porn? Or pics?
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