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The Exchange

The Exchange
Pairing: Kevin Nash/Sean Smith, Ian Watkins/Oli Sykes (and variations thereupon)
Rating: NC-17
POV: Oli
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: This started out as something completely different then became... this. It's took forever to do due to damn interrruptions and distractions. For coffinyoursize

I purred softly as my Master ran his fingers through my dark hair, his touch comforting me. Coming here had been his idea, not mine and I was so, so nervous. It was my first time in a BDSM club and my first time out with him. It wasn't the first time I'd displayed my status as his slave for people, but it was the first time I'd done this in front of strangers. I sat, crouched on the floor beside him, a black faux leather collar around my neck. Clinging to my heavily tattooed chest was a black mesh tee, the holes in the mesh fairly large to show off the maximum amount of inked skin. Covering my lower half was just a tight black rubber thong, which bulged slightly with my erection.

My owner wore much more then I did, though such a thing was to be expected. He wore black skin tight jeans, which clung to his calves and thighs, hanging low enough to display the tops of the gun tattoos on his hips. A similarly tight black tee covered his chest. I had my head rested on his thigh, ignoring the loud music and the occasional stare. I honestly wasn't paying attention to the other Masters and slaves that milled around the room. I'd only paid attention to them on the way in, noting how both the doms and subs were beautiful. I heard sounds of slaves being spanked or tortured, though their moans of pain were mostly muffled by the music.

My Master gripped my hair, lifting my head up slightly so I was looking at a pair of guys. The sub of the two had a shock of blonde hair and he was even more scantily clad then I. All he wore were rubber mittens, knee pads and a rubber pouch that held his cock and balls. Like me, he had a collar secured around his neck only his had a leash attached to it. The man that held the leash had dark hair and was topless apart from a bandana around his neck, two wolve tattoos showing either side of it. On his lower half he wore tight jeans, which clung to his hips just below the star tattoos which were on them both.

Apparently my Master knew his, or at least liked the look of him, as he waved him over. The man, who was barely more then a boy, sauntered over, tugging the blonde behind him. I gazed at them both as they approached, the dom taking a seat opposite my Master, while his 'dog' was nudged under the table by his booted foot. I glanced at the blonde in front of me, who I was sure would have smiled at me if the ring gag wasn't stuffed in his mouth. A shiny tag hung from his collar, which stated that he was named Sean Smith and he was the property of Master Nash. His Master placed a boot in the middle of his back, chatting with my own above. The thumping music and the table blocked out the what they were saying.

We spent a few minutes like that, the two of us staring at each other, almost as if we were sizing each other up. My dick twitched in my thong as I watched him, my tongue snaking over my lower lip. I had the distinct impression that we'd be getting to know each other soon, especially as my Master stood up, tugging on the ring on the back of my collar tooo make me stand. "Come slut, we're going to Master Nash's."

I followed him out, standing while Sean crawled after his own Master. The pair of us were stuffed in the car's boot, our near naked bodies pressed against each other. I took the opportunity to kiss along the crook of his neck, occasionally lapping at his skin. He tasted of sweat, which made me lick more. By the time the car stopped I had my head buried in his arm pit and my tongue was lapping eagerly at his sweaty hairs.

Of course, we were soon pulled out as our Masters, moments after the boot was opened. We were in a garage, which had to belong to Master Nash. "Follow." My Master growled at me and I did so, keeping my head down as Master Nash led us through his house. It looked nice, though I could only tell that from the carpet and the lower inch and half of the furnishings.

I only looked up when we arrived at the playroom. Unlike the one that my Master owned, this wasn't a converted basement but a normal room, which had to be near the middle of the house since it lacked windows. The whole room was bathed in a red light, which made it seem almost... eerie. The room had pretty standard equipment for such a place, shackles on the walls, a sex swing in the corner and various cupboards and drawers which no doubt contained various toys and other instruments of punishment.

Master Nash secured Sean's leash to the leg of a table, then he stroked the curve of the boy's ass. "Do you like?"

"Yeah, it's very nice." My Master replied, running a hand through my hair. "So's your little pet." He reached forward and caressed Sean's arse, his tongue snaking over his lips. "I can't wait to fuck him."

Master Nash chuckled, slapping Sean's ass hard. "Be my guest." He replied, stepping away and gazing to him, gesturing at Sean's ass. I watched as my Master stripped, his cock as hard as a rock as it was released from it's confines. My gaze was shifted when Master Nash grasped my chin and made me turn to face him. He did look beautiful, with a pair of liprings and an eyebrow one above his right eye. The orbs that studied me were pretty and blue. "Take off your top and thong then bend over the table."

I glanced at my Master briefly and he gave me a small nod, indicating that I should follow Master Nash's instructions. I tore my eyes from his naked body and his hand which was on Sean's ass, his fingers inside his hole. I reached down and pushed the thong down, exposing my dick. I was only half-hard, the rubber being too tight for me to achieve a full erection. Now that it was free, my dick leaped to full hardness. I licked my lips lightly, nudging the thong away with my foot. Next, I pulled the mesh tee from my body, tossing it to the floor. I felt him examine my naked body as I walked to the table, bending at the waist to lay over it, the metal cool against my inked skin.

Almost instantly, I was strapped down to the surface by home, each one digging into the pale skin of my back. Master Nash crouched behind me, pulling my legs apart and securing them to table legs at my ankles. He laid down over me, extending his tongue to lick at my shoulder and whisper softly against my skin. "I like my boys bound when I fuck them." I heard him unzip his fly and his jeans fall to the floor. Although I tried to crane my neck, I was unable to see him. All it acomplished was that I had a slightly skewed view of my Master fucking Sean's ass, while the other boy moaned and drooled, pawing at the pouch on his crotch with his mittened hands. "Don't look at them." Master Nash growled, slapping my arse hard as soon as tthe words left his lips. I whimpered and faced forward, staring at the wall before me. "Better." He patted my ass slightly and I could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

He held onto my ass, then plunged foward, filling me with his hardness on the first movement. There was a time when it wouldn't have been that easy to fill me, but such a time was long since passed. Most of my time was spent with something within my ass, often while restrained. My Master had done it so I'd always be ready for a fuck. He wasn't always in the mood to finger fuck me before slamming his dick into me.

"Mmm..." Master Nash mumbled behind me, digging his nails into my cheeks as he pounded me hard and fast. It was like he was an animal and I was his helpless prey. I closed my eyes, his teeth grazing my neck, nipping at my skin. My boner pressed against the table, my skin slick against the cool metal. I longed to reach down and touch myself, but knew that my curent position and restraints prevented that.

I closed my eyes, trying not to focus on the moans from my Master and Sean, or the feel of Master Nash biting and sucking the skin above and below my collar, making sure I would be marked for some time. His hands shifted, scratching along my back wherever the straps weren't present. Now his cock slammed against my spot with every other thrust of his hips. I wiggled under him, biting my lip to stop myself from moaning too much. I focussed on pleasing him the way that my Master had taught me, by clenching around him whenever he was full inside me. "Fuck yeah..." He moaned his approval, his nails digging into the skin of my hips, where they'd settled a few moments previously. Although I longed for him to touch my dick, I didn't even ask, knowing I shouldn't. And I didn't want to embaress or disappoint my own Master, despite knowing he wasn't in a position to care.

It all became a moot point as my dick betrayed me and I came anyway, the fluid spraying over the table. Master Nash growled against my neck, slapping my ass harder then before. "Stupid slut! I should've cock ringed you." Although the words were clearly angry, he spoke them through gritted teeth, no doubt to prevent moans of pleasure escaping.

He pulled out after a few moments and, with a low growl and another bite to my neck, he came in bursts over my lower back. I sighed at the feeling, pressing my forehead against the table.

At some point, while I was distracted, my Master must have came as he was watching us from a seat in the corner with Sean's head between his legs. "What do you think then?"

"He's..." Master Nash took a deep breath and moved into my line of sight. "Pretty decent. He could be better if learned some fucking self control." At those words he glared at me and I looked down in shame. "You've done a good job with him otherwise. He knows to shut the fuck up." There was a pause, where he gripped Sean's hair and forced him off his cock, growling down at him. Without having to be told he crawled away, out of sight until his tongue found it's way on my skin, cleansing me of his cum. "What did you think?"

"Oh he was wonderful." My Master nodded, licking his lips and bucking his hips a little. His softening cock was covered in Sean's saliva. "Perhaps you can teach my pet some discipline."

"Oh, I will do my best." He turned slightly to me and smirked as he looked down at me. "It shouldn't take me too long at all." He clicked his fingers and Sean seperated from me, crawling over to be by his side. Master Nash stroked Sean's hair gently, ruffling it with something approaching affection. "No, not long at all." He glanced down at Sean, giving a sharp tug on the leash which seemed to be enough to free it. "Be good for Master Watkins." He tossed my master the end of the leash, which he only managed to half catch. "I'll let you know when I'm done."
Tags: bring me the horizon, fic, homoemo, ian watkins, ian watkins/oli sykes, ian watkins/sean smith, kevin nash, kevin nash/oli sykes, kevin nash/sean smith, lostprophets, oli sykes, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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