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Say my name and his in the same breath

This'll be a bullet point post, cause I just woke up.

*The spider was back! 4 times in 4 nights. I'm scared now
*Sleep patterns are still fucked
*Every time I try and finish fic, I get distracted or sleep or get disturbed. Today I finish it
*Soon I'll be getting Kerrang/drink
*Artwork came today! Yay! I'll try and watch the dvd later
*In the Artwork sleeve they all look pretty (Especially Dan who looks all kinds of gorgeous yummyness)
*The Essential Atlas also came today so expect uber geekage from that.
*Need to watch Underworld/Underworld Evolution
*Who wants to see a vid of Sean and Ian 69ing onstage?
*I gotta call dumass JC to confirm times of tomrrows thing
*Later today/tomorrow, once the fic I'm on is done I'll do an MCR one that's stuck in my head (it'll be the first/only one for months and if it wasn't so stuck in my head I wouldn't do it). I blame this pic
*There's an awesome sounding thing in Birmingham, with Funeral For A Friend, Attack! Attack! and Fightstar
*I wanna go to Wales more now after seeing that Framed thing Monday
*I'm essentially recovered, but mum doesn't seem to understand the meaning of 'no exertion'
*Go read Mikeysaur's vamp fic

I've probably missed something, that's cause I've just woke up so... I'll do another post later, after fic.

Slight edit: Kerrang's not at the Co-Op. Apparently there's an odd distribution problem. I dunno if it's just here or nationwide so... that's a heads up.
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