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What first, empty the till or don't move?

I hate my body cause I had a nap again.

So, the national gallery has a flood.... so you decide to send the pictures to Wales? Of all the places in the world.

I fail at ficcing, cause I haven't seemed to focus. I might later.

The digibox died last night fully, so I missed the red button coverage of Reading with Lostprophets. Of course, a Welsh blonde idiot had to come onstage... and 69 with Ian. Bloody bastard! I hope they put it on again, but it's seeming unlikely. Bah.

Mum went out today and got a new digibox and lamp. Yay! The lamp's pretty and has a dimmer thingy.

Apart from napping I seem better, since I was coughing less and all.

Gotta watch other Underworld films later.

Later this week I'll be breaking the rule about MCR fic, with girl!MCR in it. Also I'll do another 50kinkyways one by the end of the week.

End of post!
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