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Does he know the way

There was a spider on my freaking fucking arm! Ew ew! I have no idea where it is, but I want him dead! I keep getting paranoid about it.

This post has two points, both under cuts.

First, a pic I left out of the last post.

The other day mum got some paint and spilled it on the floor. I believe the trail away from it is Rhys'.

Second, a fic kink meme, from apiphile (speaking of fic, I'll go back to it soon). Here it is, while I watch Frasier and plot fic.

+ = yay
- = nay
/ = indifferent
? = never encountered

Anal on Males (+) Duh, it's hot!

Anal on Females (+) Depends on the pairing, cause I'm real fussy bout girls

Breasts (+ or /) Again, it depends on who they're on. Jay with tits=sex!

Frot (?) I've heard of it but...

Breast Expansion (/) I guess you mean surgery or stuff *shrugs*

Weight Gain (+) Recently, I've had sex dreams with it. I blame watching that film. Feederism ftw!

Bondage (+) Of course! It's sexful! Who could resist a pretty bound boy!

Clothing (/) I... don't really care. Although some can be hot.

Half-dressed/naked (/) It cabe good... I guess. Naked is always good.

Leather (+) It can be hot *nods* Although I often tend to say it's faux-leather

Stockings (/) I dun really care

Shoes/Boots (-/+) shoes... meh. But boots, like Mieky Way's dom boots=hot sexytimes. And bootlicking's hot too.

Corset (+) Depends who they're on. Especially hot on boys

Suit and Tie (/) I don't really care, but if they had a reason to be I guess it's ok (or you're a certain little Welsh teaboy :()

Muscle, Male (+) If it's like... .Jay type muscles. Or, you know, general instrument playing type muscle. Muscle guys, like six packs and shit are freaky

Muscle, Female (+) Same as above. lesbian!Jay=sex

Herm (+) If you mean hermaphrodites, fuck yes. They're really hot. Same with she-males and that.

Cub/Shota (/) It can be good if done well. Or if the pairing's good.

Baby/Diaper (+) Yes! Why is there not more infantilism? I guess liking it is connected to my scat festish too

Retard/Clueless/Bimbo (/) *shrugs*

Klutz (/) Same as above

Power-play (+) It can be so very hot depending on the pairing/situation

Pushy subs (+) Again, can be so hot

Sub doms (+) It... can be hot I guess. So hot

Innocence (/) Not to bothered

First timers (/) It can be done well, but mostly it ends up overly fluffy and gentle

Skilled/know what the fuck they're doing (/) Can be hot, but most people don't. However, if it's a skilled kink (ie cbt) then knowing what you're doing is good.

Servant/Master (+) If coupled with other kinks

Drunk (+) Drunkfic is pretty much any Bullet fic. If it ends with pissing all the better

Transformation (/) Depends what into.

Macro/Micro (/) Never read, not interested

Impregnation (/) Not to bothered unless it's tentacle babies!

Pregnancy (/) Again, not fussed

Lactation (+) If it's male it's very hot and I've meant to fic it for ages!

Anal Vore (/) I don't understand how you could really. Unless you mean the cheeks

Soul Vore (-) Explain how? Like a succbus or something maybe?

Cock Vore (+) YES! I want!

Standard Soft Vore (+) Though how can it be soft

Standard Hard Vore (+) I want like woah

Paw/Foot (+) Toe sucking/foot licking is hot

Hands (+) Some people have sexy hands. Like Dan Whitesides

Incest (+) Cause twins fucking is always hot

Clonecest (/) It can be hot, depending on the clones. The world doesn't need two Pete Wentz's! It can barely handle one!

Yuri (F/F) (+) Depends on the girls though

Yaoi (M/M) (+) Depends on the guys

Hetero (M/F) (+) Depends on the pairing

Bi (+) See above

Girly Boys (+) If it's well done and they're girly anyway

Butch Girls (+) Lesbian!Jay should ALWAYS be butch. even though she'd probably be shy.

Femme Ladies (/) Depends on the girl I guess

Manly Dudes (-) Manly men do fuck all for me

Mind Control (-) Not bothered

Rape (/) Not fussed

Uniform (/) depends on the uniform

Orgy (+) Orgy's are guh! Isn't it obvious that so many bands are having orgys? Madina/The Used/The Blackout

Switchers (+) Yes! Can be so hot

Subbing/Domming (+) It can work and be so hot!

Biting (+) It can be hot

Weather/element play (?) Like... fucking in the rain? Fuck that,you'd catch a cold!

Solo Masturbation; Male (+) So hot! See last fic

Solo Masturbation; Female (+) Can be hot

Scat (+) YES YES FUCK YES! It's so hot and far too fucking underrated. Gimme now and I'll love you forever,.

Inflation (?) *shrug*

Fat/Pudge (+) SO HOT! Seee wayyyyyy above Feederism FTW!

Bony (/) If the person is bony

Tech (?) Huuh?

Watersports (+) Watersports is like scat. So much hotness and underrated!

Glasses (+) Jay in glasses is made of adorable. Glasses with cum=sex

Tentacles (+) WHy is there not more tentacle porn? It's sexfuls!

Oviposition (?) ...huh?

Masochism (+) It can be really hot. Uberly

Sadism (+) Same as above!

Gore/guro (+) Gore is like scat, there must be more!

Snuff (+) same as above! Guh killing

Hyper (?) ... huh?

Zoophilia (+) Depends on the animal though (and only if it's male and on top mostly)

Necrophilia (+) Necro is way hot, like snuff... one naturally leads to the other.

Bloodplay (+) Most of it is shitty.. .though it works best for vamps.

Electricity (/) I don't see the fasination.

Futanari (/) It depends who it is again. If it's a certain little bassist... fuck yeah

Pussyboys (/) See above!

Cross-dressing (+) Crossdressing is sex, simply as. Anyone doubts it, watch The Used's Pretty Handsome Awkward. Jepha in a dress is hot! Especially when it means he shows BALLS.

Oral (+) It can be hot, though rimming is better

Asphyxiation (/) I'm not fussed about it, though obviously certain people are *eyes Jepha's tatt*

Wet-look (+) It can be hot, especially if it's piss induced

Latex (/) Not too fussed by it to be honest.

Mud/Quicksand/etc (?) *blinks* Huh?

Tongues (+) YES! *eyes Jay's*

Sinking (?) ....huh?

Spooge (?) Meaning cum right? If it is, it's sefuls

Tickling (-) Not my thing

Pageboy haircuts (-) Huh?

Long hair/Male (+) it's hot! I mean, look at Padge!

Long hair/Female (+) Same

Short hair/Female (+) Depends how short though

Short hair/males (+) Same

Body Hair (+) it can be hot on certain people

Body paint (?) not too fussed

Plants (-) ... huh?

Guns (+) Especially if it includes insertion in certain holes

Toys (+) as in se toys? Yes!

Piercings (+) *eyes Jay's tongue piercing*

Vampirism (+) Vampirism can be hot. As in proper vamps, none of that sparkly vamp shit. I do believe though that religious shit wouldn't hurt them. I mean, why would it?

Tattoos (+) YES!

Roleplay (+) Can be hot

Cars/Motorcycles (-) I'm not too fussed

Dolls (-/+) As in real dolls? Eh. Boys made into dolls=sexfull

O-face (+) How's this a kink? It's hot though

Sex in public (+) Depends how public although if they're caught it's better!

Sexy old men (-) Eww

Professionalism / Corporate badassery (?) Not fussed

Unattractive/atypical people (+) yes!

Monsters/demons/scaryshit (?) Depends on the demons. I think zombies/pyramidhead/werewolves are hot!

Lepers/disease ridden/skin problems/etc (/) Eh, not fussed

Pony-play (+) Oh yes!

Voyeurism (+) Of course! I might do a performance one

That was longer then I expected!
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